Many People Feel that Media Coverage Has Become Increasingly: IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics

Many people feel that media coverage has become increasingly biased today. Why is this? What can be done to fix this problem? IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics

Sample 1

Media is counted as a mirror of society, but nowadays, many people believe that our news channels and media have become biased and they do not represent the actual scenario. There are a few reasons for this, such as political pressure, corruption, and competition in the industry. In the upcoming paragraphs, I will discuss these reasons and some plausible solutions.

India is a democratic country, and here journalists have the right of freedom to press according to which they can speak, print and show the truth without fear or any pressure. They can show the facts which are against the ruling government so the people can be made aware of their decision. However, people are currently misusing this right of freedom and fulfilling their personal agenda. In other words, many news channels show only one side of the story, which is beneficial to a certain political party. For instance, Republic Bharat, a news channel run by Arnab Goswami, is all attached to BJP and never shows anything against the Modi government. Sometimes they receive money for doing this, or sometimes these channels or newspapers receive threats from political parties.

Another reason for the bias is competition; today, hundreds of news channels, magazines and newspapers are available for local, national and international news, and everyone wants the highest TRP for their channels. To achieve this, they add unnecessary drama to the news to make it more interesting. They know how religious news can trigger the sentiments of people. To cite an example, if the channel owner is against the Muslim community, he will repeatedly show all the stories against that community. Most Hindu bhagats are affected by this, promoting this bias further.

To deal with this bias and maintain news transparency, it is necessary to ensure that no media person or journalist is pressured by anyone, either the ruling government or another political party. If they receive death threats, they must be provided with police protection. If any media tries to create religious tension in society, they must receive punishment for this shameful act. Moreover, in the journalism course, emphasis must be made on teaching how to deal with difficult situations when covering sensitive news.

To conclude, people follow media to keep themselves updated with the current scenario in society, and if this becomes biased because of corruption and political agendas, people will be misguided, and democracy will be affected. Hence, every effort must be made to keep it real and transparent, isn’t it?

Sample 2

Media has become an indispensable Part of the community to manage individual lifestyles in a good manner. But the majority deem that broadcast journalism gives inappropriate information related to some issue and is not able to show the actual story behind the coverage. I would like to explicate several factors responsible for this problem in this essay and suggest ways forward.

The first reason is the television rating point.TRP is a device that signifies or shows success on TV screens. It always attracts a massive chunk of individuals to watch any information on a large scale, so that general media always find unauthorised topics which people get fascinated with. As a result, they gain more profit with that. For instance, the Indian government imposed a law related to taxes, but the media telecasted the news and said the law was in favour of individuals even though they did not show the actual consequences would happen with this law. Apart from that, the media try to hide true information from the community so that situation is not able to control with partial news because people are easily distracted and involved in riots and turmoil, which is harmful to the nation, to cite an example, during the emergency in India when the nation suffered from COVID-19 pandemic media focused to recovery case’s and people moved freely without fear of the virus. As a result, the ratio of infected people gradually shifted to its peak, and the whole nation suffered from drastic consequences because of the media.

The solution is simple. All we need is awareness and strong willpower among the mass and authorities as well. As the first possible solution, the government could take some initiative against the false news broadcast by the media. As a result, the tendency of wrong information by media gradually declined and got focused on authorised information. Another feasible solution is that individuals make an effort then seek to know the ground reality of particular information rather than believing in rumours. Last but not least common, people use ample sources such as social media, so people easily follow the trusted channels which spread awareness about correct news in society.

In the end, it can be concluded that media should be banned if they find any illegal activities that disturb the ambience in countries. This may be taken to overcome this problem and stop the fake media before it becomes a menace to mankind.

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