People Are Happy to Spend Their Whole Life Living in the Same Area

Some people are happy to spend their whole life living in the same area. Others prefer to live in many different places in their lifetime. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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Change is the law of nature. Some people feel Jubilant by spending their whole life in one place, while others like to dwell in different places. I think moving to varied places for a living is lucrative because of the chances of meeting new people and getting more experiences.


At the outset, people feel more elated to live in one place because they are accustomed to their environment and any change in their lifestyle makes them disturbing. To exemplify, they may be living in either a cooler or warmer environment. If they move to that environment that doesn’t suit them, they get tense. Besides, they think it’s hard to shift again and again with bag and baggage. In other words, they are afraid of having economic expenditure that they have to bear while shifting. So, they consider it ideal to live in one place. What’s more, they are more attached to their place, where they have spent their childhood, adulthood, and so on. So, instead of moving, they live happily in the same place.

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On the other hand, there are some people who like to live in varied places due to their adventurous spirit for exploring life and of course for a change. Rolling stone gathers no moss seems to be suitable for these people. For example, such people are by nature bold enough to encounter every situation of life happily. They want to drink life to the lees and have a desire to meet different people and know about their culture. So, such people consider life must move on. Furthermore, some are job holders who for getting promotions move from place to place.


In conclusion, I think if people relocate at different times is good for them as they not only experience different situations but also get a chance to enhance their knowledge about others culture and rituals, etc. Living in one place creates only monotony while changing places at a different time has a plethora of benefits to them.


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1 thought on “People Are Happy to Spend Their Whole Life Living in the Same Area”

  1. Deepthi Chandrika

    A house is considered as a place after one’s heart as most of the individual’s lifetime will be spent in their respective homes. Half of the population resist transformation to news homes and are happy in their abodes for a lifetime. However, the other half prefers to relocate their shelters regularly. Both these views possess a set of merits along with demerits that are elucidated below with examples.

    The prime cause for a man to change their living area can be attributed to job placement. For instance, people migrate to different countries in search of upliftment in their careers. Consequently, a transition is visible. To quote an example, Many people migrate to Canada, European countries for a better life financially. As a result, move their families and settle up there. Once the stipulated period of work is completed move back again to their homelands. Hence, people tend to revise their houses as per their needs.

    Secondly, Few youngsters are inclined to intermittently change their dwellings as per their preferences in the locality and needs. To explain, owing to the fast-moving lives people prefer houses that are equipped with all the mandatory requirements, some even want a gym, sauna, and entertainment park. Subsequently, as per their likes switch from one area to another in search of better.

    On the contrary, Few citizens are show aversion to innovation. They depict that once a home is established it cannot be rebuilt and will be happy to spend the rest of their lives in that area. This practice even though is age-old, is still seen in some areas. The reasons behind this refusal can be acknowledged to cultural values. For example, a son who inherited a bungalow from his forefathers or fathers cannot demolish it, rather prefers to refurbish it. Another crucial factor can also be the environment. Citizens nowadays prefer pollution fewer surroundings, so, instead of constant changes in their homes like to settle where the atmosphere is clean of pollutants.

    To sum up, taking into consideration the above-discussed opinions, I would like to affirm that while it is necessary to preserve our culture and tradition, one has to accept that change is inevitable. Hence, modulating ourselves as per the generations and needs is quite common.

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