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A Cafe You Visited Speaking Cue Card IELTS EXAM

A Cafe You Visited Speaking Cue Card

A cafe you visited

Today’s world is dominated by technology and science, with new inventions emerging day by day 🌍💡. Among these, the internet is one of the most famous inventions, which has completely transformed people’s lives 🌐. While most people have access to the internet at home, some have turned it into a source of income and adopted it as a profession. I am going to talk about the internet cafes that have opened in abundance in every city around the world 🖥️☕.

Today, I would like to share my experience visiting a cafe in my town last month. It was a beautiful place equipped with all kinds of facilities 🌟. Situated in a peaceful area, the cafe captivated me as soon as I entered. I noticed it was divided into different cabins, each with a computer. The white marble floor shone like glass, adding to the cafe’s elegance ✨. The interior was neat and clean, and the ceiling was decorated with POP; the restaurant was fully air-conditioned for comfort 🍃.

My visit occurred last month when a friend from Canada came over and inquired about a good cafe 🍁👫. Accompanying him, we booked two computers for half an hour. However, the minimum booking time was one hour, so despite using it for only half an hour, we were charged for the full hour, which I found disappointing ⏳💸.

What stood out to me, though, was the cafe’s comfort, the high-speed internet, and the 3D monitor screens with high-quality pictures, making it an enjoyable experience overall 🖥️💨. It highlighted how such spaces serve as social hubs and gateways to the vast digital world, offering a unique blend of technology and comfort.

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