A New Public Place Where You Would Like to Visit.

Talk about a New Public place where you would like to visit.

Where it is?

Why you go there?

How you feel there?

Sample Answer:-

Well, I have visited many places during my whole life such as new public places, historical places, and so on. Here I would like to talk about that place which has recently established in my village. It is a library named ” preet library“. I describe it briefly.

Talk about a New Public place where you would likeActually, This is only library in my village which has established by youth club of my village. Some NRI persons also help club to provide this facility to villagers. In the evening time, I visit this library and concentrate on my studies there.

I visit this library for some reasons.
Firstly, I can borrow any type of books from this library. To be honest, sometimes I need those books which are expensive and I cannot afford it. Such type of books are available in this library. So I can easily borrow books and read at my home.

Secondly, it is a quiet place without any disturbance. Whenever I go there, I can concentrate on my studies well. Other villagers also come there to read books or reading staff such as newspaper and magazines.

Last but not the least, the librarian of this library is very cooperative as well as kind hearted person. If any person faces difficulty to search book, then he helps him or her. Many times, he helped me to search my curriculum books .
All in all, this library is quite beneficial not only for me but also for other people. So this is a new public place where I usually visit.

Follow UPS–

Why people like to go to library??
Can you do group study in a library? Why or why not?
What do you think library is beneficial for everyone or only for students??
What are the important factors responsible to concentrate on studies??
when you are unable to concentrate on your study, then What do you do ??

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