Describe a Person Who Often Travels by Plane.

Describe a person who often travels by plane.

Sample Answer:-

Well, traveling by plane is a big convenient for people. A plethora of persons prefer to travel by airplane due to their busy schedule. So here I would like to talk about a person who often Travels by airplane just because of his business. His name is Sukhvir Singh. I describe him briefly.
Actually, he is one of my close friends. We Met to each other at a wedding party and become friends.
Describe a person who often travels by plane.Well, traveling by plane is a big convenient for people. A plethora of persons prefer to travel by airplaneHe has established his own business of electronic goods. Also, he imports and Exports electronic products from one country to another. Whenever he goes to another country, he always prefers to travel by plane. He visits overseas once in a month in order to expand his business.
For instance, last month, he visited America and he purchased a number of electronic products for his customers. Actually, some clients order for special electronic types of equipment to Sukhvir’s company and he fulfills their orders. He goes to foreign countries and bought electronic equipments for them.
Apart from it, he treats his customers in good manner. He is very kind-hearted and down to earth person. Also, he is a good advisor. Whenever I feel confusion related to choosing best for me, I prefer to get advice from him.
Moreover, I share my problems with him because every time he gives me good solution.
Next month, he is going to go to Malaysia for his business purposes. He is going to open one branch of his business in Malaysia. I feel glad for him.
All in all, I believe that he is a successful businessman. So he is a businessman or person who often travels by plane.

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