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A place you want to visit with your friends ielts exam

A place you want to visit with your friends IELTS exam

What is the place

When you want to go

With whom you want to go?

Why you want to go with your friends   

India is known for its natural beauty and every year thousands of tourists visit the nation to see the beauty of nature . on one side if there are hilly areas where snowfall presents a wonderful view but on the other side there are plains of Rajasthan where one can see the old Raj mahals and old buildings, but today I would like to talk about where I want to go with my friends and that is queen of hills, Shimla.

I want to go there in the coming summer vacations to get relief from the scorching heat of the plains because families always put restrictions on your enjoyment but with friends, you can enjoy fully. my uncle lives there and he always invited me to come there. he told me about the scenic beauty of nature.

he also told me about some famous places like mall road Jakhu temple. there is always a rush of visitors on mall road every day. Jakhu temple is also worth seeing and it is a very old historic temple. I decided to go with my friends because, in the past, I always went with my family but now I want to spend with my friends also because friends are also a part and parcel in our life.


Q-1 Why do people need to travel every day?

Ans: people need to travel every day for a number of purposes. some people travel to do the job at distant places. for instance, teachers have to travel every day to go to school.there are some businessmen who need to travel from one place to another for their work. students need to travel to go to school for their studies.

Q-2 What problems can people have when they are on their journey, for example, to work or school?

Ans: people face a number of problems during their journey. the first and foremost problem is the problem of traffic jams on roads. the reason behind this is that the population is increasing at an alarming rate but roads are not widened keeping in view the needs. the other problem is the problem of pollution.people have to face a number of diseases due to pollution.

Q-3 What do you think people can learn from traveling to other countries?

Ans: yes there is no doubt that people can learn from traveling to other countries. with the advent of technology, it is very easy for a person in this modern era to travel from one country to another.people can learn the good things from the culture of other developed countries. for instance, the people of western countries are very concerned about the cleanliness of their people can adopt this good thing and implement in their own country.


Gagandeep Singh Kahlon



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A place you want to visit with your friends IELTS exam 

A place you want to visit with your friends IELTS exam 

A place you want to visit with your friends IELTS exam

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