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A Year Ago, You Lent Your Favourite Book to a Friend Who You Thought Would Enjoy It.

A Year Ago, You Lent Your Favourite Book to a Friend Who You Thought Would Enjoy It. (1)

A year ago, you lent your favourite book to a friend who you thought would enjoy it. Unfortunately, your friend has forgotten to return it. The book has sentimental value to you as it had been presented by your grandmother. Write a letter to your friend. In the letter:

Dear Guri,

How are you? It’s been a long time since we’ve talked with each other. I would like to get my book back, which you borrowed from me a year ago. Being it a priceless gift from my grandmother, I want to keep it intact.

Furthermore, could you tell me, what are you doing these days? I still remember that you’d been working in Dell company and it was going to you high income along with other benefits such as accommodation, transport facility; then, what was the reason for relocating to Mumbai? How do you make what you are earning nowadays? Do you do side business as well?

Would you mind giving my book back? I know you are a prudent person. You might have forgotten about it. Do you remember the day when you were depressed, and I gave this book to you to read? The title of the book is stimulating in itself, named as ‘The Secrets’. You promised to return it after a month. After giving you this book, I was also engrossed in my work, and I was completely unaware of it.

On the face of it, being it the last memory of my grandmother, I won’t like to lose it. It also assists me in boosting my confidence in the face of difficulties. I have some feelings attached to it. I hope you understand the attached with it and send it back to me soon.

I am hoping to see you soon!

Yours Loving,

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