An Advice You Gave Someone Speaking Cue Card with Answer

Advice you gave someone speaking cue card with an answer

  • What was it?
  • Who do you advise?
  • how you did do it?

Well, a human is a social animal, So it is natural for a human being to give advice and share thoughts with others. I am not expecting from the whole world, I also deliver my advice to others when I think it is necessary when I was studying in college I advised to one of my friends ( Rahul). That advice was never to “give up” in any situation.

He was trying to clear competitive exams for getting a job such as banker, Post office, or clerk but he got failed results more than three times. At that time, he felt very upset and planned to quit so I advised him to ” Never Give Up” and just work hard and put your all afford then you achieve your Goal.

I told him that learn from your mistakes and try to never repeat these mistakes.  I advise him to smart study. he followed my advice and studied smartly. he was focused on their mistakes and finding out the solution to how to overcome them. Finally, after a long struggle, he passed out exam with good marks and got a job in a bank. After finishing college when he told me about his job I felt very happy at that time because my Advice works for someone.


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