An Increasing Number of Families Have Computers at Home

An increasing number of families have computers at home. what are the advantages and disadvantages of internet access for minors? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge of experience.

Due to cutting-edge Technology, numerous families have electronic gadgets. Resultantly, these are benefiting as well as damaging the immature. Suffice to say that they make themselves updated with modern technology and simultaneously adopting a sedentary lifestyle.

At the outset, computers are lucrative for children as they keep themselves abreast with the outer world and do their work conveniently. Thus computers with internet access have lessened their burden of school assignments as well as their stress. Juveniles are able to do multi-task and they feel elated to play games, listen to music, and chatting with their friends. For instance, Now the availability of varied types of apps like Funbrain Jr., Fish School, Science 360 and to name but a few are helping offsprings to broaden the horizon of their knowledge, as well as these Apps, are based on learning by doing so children entertain themselves and their learning remains for long-lasting.

On the other hand, its downsides can not be ignored as they will spend maximum time on computers and which can have deleterious effects on their psyche and body. In addition, the communication barrier in a family is another issue because children will have less conversation due to spending more time doing their work on E-gadgets and poor communication can lead the children to reach unwanted sites due to lack of parental supervision. Thus, there are great chances of misleading the children. Children are not enough mature to distinguish between moral and immoral. So, uncontrolled children will be difficult for the parents to tackle consequently childhood itself would be in peril due to technology. To exemplify it, many children attend Zoom classes and simultaneously, they chit chat with their friends and now and then any illegal activity on the internet catches their attention and it will diminish their interest in the study and they develop enmity for anyone, who supervise them.

In conclusion, Computers are beneficial for minors in speeding up their productivity and making them relaxed when they play games on them; however, there are myriad chances to channelize their energy in the wrong direction. Lack of proper communication, overuse of the internet for pornography, etc.

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