Talk About a Time When Felt Really Bored

Talk about a time when felt really bored. ( Talk about on Lockdown Due to Covid-19) You should say

  • When was it?
  • Who were you with?
  • What were you doing?
  • Why you felt bored?

Well, I am very social with others, and no one feels uncomfortable in my company as I make the other person comfortable by breaking the ice. But sometimes, I get bored in the company of those who blow their trumpets. Here I would like to speak about the time when I got bored in one of my friend’s company. Actually, my friend had been to Canada a couple of months ago, and she suggested I go shopping with her. Her analysis for shopping was pedantic, and we were of dissimilar nature.

We went to Chandigarh to purchase some items. Instead of visiting the local market, she approached multiplexes to have branded things, but I was taken aback when she did a shopping spree in order to entertain herself. She really consumed more time there, and I had nothing to do just to follow her.

So that time I really felt bored, and I thought would that I was not with her, but I went with her for our friendship. Later on, it was beyond my understanding when she continuously talked about politicians as I had no interest in politics. I can tell her a chatterbox because she didn’t stop for a while, and she didn’t ask me how I felt while going with her, and I kept the whole day mum.

So I really thought I wasted the precious time that I used to do my work. So that was the time when I really got bored in the company of my friend.

Part 3 Follow-Ups Talk about a time when felt really bored

Question 1: When do people feel bored?

People feel bored when they have nothing to do and also on the arrival of unexpected guests. Moreover, there is a power failure, and they can’t watch their favorite TV shows, and at that time, they get bored.

Question 2: What kind of jobs are boring?

Well, doing a job as a marketing executive, a teacher’s job due to more responsibilities on their shoulders are boring jobs. In addition, people may find any job boring, if they have no interest and they do their job round the clock and have no social interactions with others.

Question 3: Do people get bored easily? Why?

Yes, people get bored easily when they have nothing to do and when the things are not according to their choice, so they get bored and moreover, now everyone wants the things according to their choice as well as people are becoming fault finding, so they get bored.

Question 4: What can people do when they feel bored?

Well, people can do a lot of things to remove their monotony. They can watch their favorite TV shows, and chit-chat with their friends; surfing on the internet can provide them with knowledgeable things. Moreover, visiting beautiful landscapes gives them an immense joy to remove their bareness.

Question 5: What can people do to stop feeling boring?

They must indulge in various activities, and they must be in a flow while doing any kind of work. Thus the feeling of getting bore will not come into their mind, and they will be busy the whole day. Apart from it, making a schedule about routine activities can keep them away from boredness.

Question 6: Do people get bored with daily routines?

Yes, people get bored with their daily routines as they do the same work again and again. This creates monotony, and they feel helpless in removing their soreness. Apart from it, job holders don’t take time off due to overwork and rigid working hours. So these are the reasons for making people bored with their routine.

Question 7: Can technology make life more interesting?

Yes, technology can make life more interesting as due to cutting-edge technology, there are many apps so people in their leisure time can visit these sites and rejuvenate themselves. They can do online shopping, watch movies as well as chit-chat with their friends. So they can make life more interesting.

Question 8: Is it easier for younger people to feel bored than for the old?

Yes, it is straightforward for youngsters than oldsters to get bored because youngsters are very impulsive. They get easily bored by watching television and doing some other work, so they want something new that can make them busy for the whole day. They can’t sit at one place instead of that of oldsters, who pass their time by making schedules and utilizing their time properly.

Question 9: Do you think those boring jobs will be done by machines in the future?

No, I don’t consider that jobs job of a marketing executive, as well as a teacher, can be done by the machines as these need communication with people so lack of communication can’t bring profit to the organizations as well as a personal touch by patting on the back of the students can be given only by teachers. So I don’t think these can be replaced with machines.

Question 10: Do you think technology today is making people’s life easier?

Yes, of course, technology is making people’s lives easier by providing them enormous apps for infotainment, making them updated with their surroundings, and equipping them with various skills to learn and earn well.

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