Modern communication is having a negative effect on social relationships

 Modern communication is having a negative effect on social relationships.

Do you agree or disagree?


Technology has been changed each and every aspect of our Lifestyle. Technological advancement leads to modernization in every field. Modern communication is one of them. Some people think that there are negative consequences of modern communication on social relationships.  I partially agree with this statement.

Paragraph 1:

Some people think that in the past most people were living in a close-knit family and they had not any technical gadgets in order to communicate with each other, So they meet face-to-face and it leads to a positive impact on their relationship. Other than that, nowadays, many online communication sites are available such as Instagram, Facebook, and many others, in which any person can communicate with each other unknown person, so the chances of fraud are also increasing and due to this social relationships can be affected. Moreover, there is lots of difference between virtuality and reality so anyone can know the behavior of any person through face-to-face rather than through online modern communication. Hence, myriad people oppose modern communication.

Paragraph 2:

On the other side, there are also some positive impacts on modern communication. Firstly, due to ever-increasing advanced technology many online social networking sites are available in which any person can make friends all over the world, and also they can learn about different cultures while communicating with each other.  For example, Facebook is one of the effective communication site, where different people can share their cultures and also make a social relationship with each other. Moreover, through modern communication, any person can stand their views in front of the public and also gain knowledge after making good relationships with people.


In conclusion, as every coin has two sides, there are some negative consequences of relationships through modern communication and also some brighter side of it. Hence, I partially agree with this statement that online communication leads to only negative consequences on relationships.

This is the end of  writing task 2: ( Modern communication is having a negative effect on social relationships.)

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3 thoughts on “Modern communication is having a negative effect on social relationships”

  1. mehta shivang

    Internet has made the world to run on another level. Internet has made many such instances were human being can’t reach or which is not advisable for them. But technology developed with internet in communication enhanced cybercrime due to more use of communication interfaces. So I agree with the statement and I shall like to discuss it following passage.

    Today, there are many work to do were physical communication is restricted. So during such time this instances of modern communication system are developing and reaching to every ones house. This interprets that there is maximum use of it by people and that leads to misleading accounts. Also modern communication has made interaction criteria to another level which enhances new people and that overall extends to fraud due to great non familiarity with system. As now you can watch any account and find anybody, using that source you can use their profiles , so this type of assets are corresponding too bigger crime rates based on internet along with physical harassment also.

    Moreover, modern communication reveals anybody’s privacy so when privacy is revealed the problem of harassing and other such crimes takes rise in country. Also modern communication are engaged with private instances and so with development, hacking of such systems are at high risk which make the person being explored to world in very wrong way.

    However, there are some advantages of modern communication which state the use remotely similar to an physical or actual talk. Further this type of technology has made access of many things from one place which is today’s biggest achievement in this fastest world. Nowadays modern communication are also indulge with many other aspects like file sharing, remote access of any work and many more which are very useful to people nowadays.

    In conclusion, the modern communication has transformed the world but that has also made big circumstances of problematic instances which harms anybody that results of high risk of danger in exploring our life.

  2. It is argued by the handful individuals that communicating via digital technical way leads to detrimental impacts for social connection.I,however personally feel that face to face communication has real interaction relatively digital communication.

    To begin with, there are some causes behind this that why modern communication has negative effects. The principal reason is lack of real interaction. To exemplify, due to the emergence of social networking websites, nowadays, people make friends through these sites such as Facebook. In the other words,making friends via these social sites lead to artificial relationships among the masses which are not reliable and loyal. Also, there is less interaction with family, because usually individuals spend the quality of time with their friends online and give least priority to their families.As a consequence, the bond in the family members becomes weak.

    Furthermore, the another negative effect of digital communication is sluggishness. Modern communication allows the masses to communicate while sitting on a chair or laying on the bed owing to this, some time people encounter health menaces. In instance, doing communication by smartphones and computers makes the masses inactive and they experience health problems such as mental disorders, stress, and depression. Moreover, people can not understand the expressions , emotions of a person with digital communication, face to face communication has real interaction between two persons in this communication. Consequently, people can easily understand the people and make reliable and loyal connections with others which they can not make through digital communication.

    In conclusion, although there are few positive impacts associated with modern communication, I feel that the negatives are far more.


    It is often argued that advancements in digital technology has isolated the people from society and has impacted the social relationships among people. Personally, I strongly disagree with this statement.

    In my opinion , the modern communication has brought the people much closer than before .Some people argue that as a result of new ways of communication such as introduction of mobile phones and social networks , has isolated the people from social relationships .These people think that it has promoted communication in virtual reality but it has fractured the concrete relationships to marginalized physical interaction.But in my opinion , the advantage of this trend outweighs it’s drawbacks.

    It was the time when people were sitting at larger distances from one another waiting for meet to communicate but this distance is shorten by the arrival of modern communist which constitutes internet then Facebook, instagram, twitter , messanger and many more . There was a time when parents could not see their children for ages when they used to do foreign fr earning but today video calls have brought them together and it soothes families as if their children are infront of their eyes and living with them.

    Opening the doors further , the Facebook , instagram have connected a lots of people with common interests such as people having interest in fashion can have a group of them and share their views , similarly some social groups are there which promotes ideas for common interest. The most important evidence that this modern communication has not detriment the social relationships but maintain it is this lockdown period due to corona virus .In the curfew , the people interacted with each other through this modern online communication and even youngsters who were trapped to foreign countries due to closure of flights were able to made their plea through online communication and they are safely reached to their homes by government.

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