Children Are Now Facing Educational, Social, and Commercial Pressures

Children are now facing educational, social, and commercial pressures. What are the causes of these pressures? What measures can be taken to reduce them?

In the present scenario, young ones are being faced with several pressures. This essay will delve into the possible reasons for these pressures and propose some prudent ways to mitigate this issue.

First and foremost, for ensuring a better life standard, parents who financially struggle to bring up their children would put pressure on them from a younger age to study hard. In addition, family status is the main concern of many parents, and some even try to fulfil their ambitions through young ones, but some children would not meet their parent’s expectations and tend to commit suicide. Moreover, it is difficult to get a job even in the private sector because of the ample number of graduates entering the job market every year. For instance, rapid computerization and mechanization of work fields are reducing the demand for employees worldwide. Although pupils could become well-qualified, many futures would be either unemployed or unpaid. This new trend definitely would lead them to depression. Furthermore, most of the children are in the clutches of technology, which would affect their mental stability as they spend most of the time in video games, which could generate addiction. For instance, the number of students consulting psychologists is on the increase. Finally, little ones often find it extremely difficult to engineer their latent talents under educational pressure.

Nevertheless, there are some prudent ways to reduce the aforementioned problems. Firstly, the parents and teachers should realize the children’s inborn talents and encourage them to polish latent abilities and mould a career. Secondly, the government should arrange career counselling cells for college students since, after graduation, they can get lucrative jobs. Moreover, the parents should provide moral support not only to get an awareness about the negative impact of technology but also to choose the right career for their betterment.

In short, the main reasons the children are in trouble are high competition, social status, lack of parental care and career guidelines. Ergo conducting career development classes, develop a favourable environment between parents and their offspring, spend quality time with little ones, and so on are the ways to deal with this issue.

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