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Children Today Play Very Violent Games. Writing Task 2

Children Today Play Very Violent Games. Writing Task 2 (1)

Children today play very violent games. This must be the reason for the increase in violence and crime in most major cities of the world. What are your opinions on this?

It is being said that video games which are being played by children are responsible for increasing violence and crime in the big cities. In my opinion, it is right, and I agree with this statement. However, this essay will discuss this viewpoint with examples.

First and foremost, playing violent games at a young age can affect the behaviour of the child because at this age, the child is in his learning phase, and the brain is still developing. And this stage plays a very important role in kids’ overall development as whatever they are learning at this age is going to be with them for the long term of life. For example, adolescents can learn many bad habits from these games, such as fighting and not obeying the elders. It will be very difficult to improve these behaviour problems at a later stage. With time these habits are going to be worst, and kids are involved in criminal activities.

Secondly, although playing violent games give relaxation to the mind and children feel jubilant while playing these games. But adolescents can face many problems with being sociable with others and getting easily in small fights or do not like to share their thoughts with others. For instance, other kids do not like to speak with the children who get angry for small things and who easily indulge in fights. As a result, adolescents feel lonely and involve themselves in criminal activities which are going to harm their future.

To conclude, it is a trend in this modern era to play violent games, but in my opinion, this plays a big role in enhancing crimes and violence in the major cities all around the world because it leaves a bad impact on children’s behaviour.

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