Crimes Rates Amongst Younger People Have Been Rising

In many countries, crimes rates amongst younger people have been rising. Discuss the causes and solutions for this problem.

It is argued that illegal acts among young blood have been increasing. Out of many, lack of parental affection and peer pressure are the main reasons, and an eagle eye on them, guidance, and counselling can ameliorate their lifestyle.

First off, lack of parental love makes them hostile. So they indulge in illegal activities. For instance, the paradigm shift has made both the couples work outside for making both ends meet. By dint of the hectic schedule, they don’t pay attention to the needs of their children, particularly psychological needs. Although they can provide them with electronic gadgets and clothes, they fail in motivating them and spending time with them. So children start living in isolation and indulge in bad company. Youngsters develop anti-social behaviour towards their parents and society. So they commit crimes such as murder, kidnapping and, to name but a few. Besides, peer pressure instigates them to taste narcotics and which they are unable to get rid of.

Furthermore, an eagle eye of parents on their children can stop them involving in abominable works. Parents must have some time for their children to know their anxieties and treat them friendly. If they commit any crime; then, parents must make them understand its outcomes so that they cannot go further in their life. So timely supervision is a need for parents not to turn their children into criminals. In addition, if youngsters experience depression and are in an abnormal state of mind, they commit crimes. Guidance and counselling can work a lot to bring modifications in their behaviour. To exemplify it, many youngsters adopt hostile attitudes due to unstable mental conditions. They do abuse and other crimes but remained unconscious about what they have done. It had been printed in the newspaper that when one of the press reporters visited Delhi jail and enquired about the criminal; then, the betrayer was feeling guilty, and he confessed that he did the crime but in an unconscious state.

To conclude, Thus crime rate is enhancing due to lack of parental love, peer pressure, and it can be controlled with constant monitoring, counselling etc.; then, certain kinds of changes can be brought into the behaviour of criminals so that they can lead peacefully in the society.

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