Talk about a Person Who Helps Others in His or Her Spare Time

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Talk about a Person Who Helps Others in His or Her Spare Time. You should say:-

Who is this person?
How often this person helps others?
How this person helps others?
Why this person helps others?
How do you feel about this person?

Well helping others is a kind gesture so I think everyone must help others. Here I would like to talk about a person. Who is none other than my mother? She is ready to help others in any way. I think she considers it is a moral obligation to help others and she helps others on a daily basis like if our neighbour needs any kind of thing such as household things, then she gives them happily instead of making faces. Moreover, in the evening time, she teaches the poor students free of cost.

She is a philanthropist as well as an environmentalist. Many times, she takes part in campaigning, which is making people aware of their surroundings as well as removing social evils from society. So many times, she has been awarded by the local authorities, and I feel proud of being a daughter of her. Because my mother never loses his temper, and she always inspired me to help others.

I know that it is challenging at this time to help others because people are money minded and they are more selfish. Still, they must understand that being human is a must for everyone because anybody can need help from others. I hope I would acquire some traits of my mother and can do valuable work for my society.

Part 3 Questions Talk about a Person Who Helps Others in His or Her Spare Time

Question 1:- Do people nowadays help others more than in the past?

No, nowadays people don’t like to help others if we compare it with the past because people have become money minded and if the other person benefits them; then, they will help others. Otherwise, they will deny giving adequate help to another person.

Question 2:- Who should teach children to help others?

Well, it is the responsibility of the whole family to teach children to help others. It is a kind gesture, and people must help others, and if a child lives in an extended family; then, it is more beneficial because every person can understand the child to help others.

Question 3:- In what kind of professions do people help others more?

Well professions related to business as well as NGOs, these can help a lot to people because they have adequate sources which the society needs. I can say these sources help others a lot.

Question 4:- Why are some people willing to help others?

Some people are willing to help others because it’s a kind gesture. Apart from it, they consider it a moral obligation. Moreover, to build a good reputation in society, I think they help others.

Question 5:- What are some of the ways people can help others in the community? Which is most important?

People can provide monetary help, as well as they can give them food items and clothes to wear on. So there are many kinds of help that people can provide. I think giving food and shelter is the best service to humanity.

Question 6:- Why do you think some people like to help other people?

Some people like to help others because it’s a moral obligation. Apart from it, they feel happy helping others. They also feel that they have suffered such things in their past, so they feel pity for the people. Therefore, these are the reasons that people help others.

Question 7:- Some people say that people help others in the community more now than they did in the past. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

Yes, nowadays people are helping more than in the past because now they have the availability of the internet. They have wealth so that they can provide instant help to others.

Question 8:- What types of services, such as libraries or health centres, are available to the people who live in your area? Do you think there are enough of them?

Well in my locality people are getting modern amenities like they have good transport, they have libraries where every age group like to visit. Moreover, there are leisure parks so that they can pass their free time and remove their monotony. So the people of my town are getting every facility.

Question 9:- Which groups of people generally need the most support in a community? Why?

Well, needy people have more support than the other group. Because they find it hard to earn bread and butter even they don’t get clothes to wear on, they have no shelter, and they live In open spaces, so I think the downtrodden group needs more help.

Question 10:- Who do you think should pay for the available services to the people in a community? Should it be the government or individual people?

I think both should pay for the services that people are getting because governments have other responsibilities. So if individuals share some of their wealth in the form of taxes, they can contribute a lot in making their society a better place to live in.

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