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Describe a bag you want to own or have

Describe a bag you want to own or have

Describe a bag you want to own or have

Sample Answer of Describe a Bag You Want to Own or Have

Since time immemorial, people have been using bags. Earlier, people used more plastic bags and bags that are made of clothes, but now people use more paper bags as well as canvas bags.

What kind of bag is it?

I like to speak about a bag which I find more comfortable, and it’s a Tote bag. I like it because of its versatility. It can be used in many forms, like I can use it for traveling purposes as well as for my job purpose. Sometimes I can use it whenever I make a plan with my family to go on a picnic. So I can use it to keep things from the water bottles to the diaper of my baby. So I think it’s so amazing because it comes in different colors, sizes so according to one choice people can purchase although the bags are expensive and some are very cheaper.

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but I think it suits the people’s budget because according to the budget, people can purchase anyone out of these. The interesting thing that it really makes people purchase more of these bags like they want to display their choice or brand. Like in my case

Why you want this kind of bag

I am a job holder, so I need a variety of bags to flaunt so I can say it’s a good bag if you need an all-rounder bag that can transform from a day back to a travel bag with ease so I can say these bags are the best option available for any person.


Ques 1. Why do you think women like to buy bags?
Ans: Well, women love to carry bags with them at any place, even they are going to marriage or the market, so they like to buy different kinds of bags according to their convenience.

Ques 2. Is the backpack practical in life?
Ans: Definitely yes, as this is a multi-purpose bag because I can use this bag in my routine office work as well as a traveling bag, and sometimes my brother uses it as a school bag also.

Ques 3. Why are some people willing to buy expensive bags?
Ans: Because some people are brand conscious and another reason is expensive to have their own quality and material for which they know, why people like to buy expensive bags.

Ques 4. In the future, what changes will bags have?
Ans: According to me, they give multiple mini pockets for small equipment like a hard disk as well as they have smart locks rather than normal clips.
Ques 5. Why do children need to carry a uniform school bag?
Ans: Because some children can not afford expensive bags and all students carry the same bags, they do not insist on their parents to buy expensive bags.

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