Describe a Bag You Want to Own or Have

Describe a bag you want to own or have (Future)

  • What kind of bag is it?
  • Where you want to buy it
  • How much it will cost you
  • Why you want this kind of bag

Well, to be very honest with you, I’m not into packs, but I like to buy durable and reliable bags. I mostly buy waterproof bags to carry my laptop so the other day I visited a mall near my place and in that mall, there is a huge shop for the brand Sky bags in which I saw a black coloured backpack that was really fancy nice.

So I really want to buy that bag in future because my job demands me to travel abroad frequently so I have to carry my laptop along with me that bag had a separate pouch in which I can carry the laptop. Moreover, the bag was completely waterproof to carry my wallet, or if I’m travelling to my hometown, I can carry clothes for some of the other reasons.

Additionally, the backpack had an entirely different section to keep wallets and the things that are valuables like jewellery so that I can keep those in that section. When I saw this back in the mall, I asked the price of the customer executive, and the price is really high of this back.

Still, he explained to me that there is one offer going on for this bag which is 10% off, but I negotiated with him. He secretly told me that if I can come after 2 months so there will there is going to be a huge sell in which this bag will have 30% discount on its current price so yes I am very determined to buy that bag of course after 2 months when it will have a huge discount so yes I would love to buy that bag.

Follow-Ups Describe a Bag You Want to Own or Have

Question 1:- Why do you think women like to buy bags?

Firstly many women buy bags because they want to match with her outfits and Secondly women can carry many things like wallets extra rupees or makeup kits into their bags that’s why they like to buy bags in my view.

Question 2:- Is the backpack practical in life?

Absolutely I can relate this to me as I’m using a backpack for the last 6 years as I am working in an IT company, so I have to carry a laptop many times. It also gives enough space for my lunch box and raincoat in the monsoon season, so yes, it is the most reliable and practical in life I have seen many females are also using backpacks nowadays, so this supports this idea.

Question 3:- Why are some people willing to buy expensive bags?

So there are 2 things here firstly many people like to buy expensive bags to flaunt in front of their friends and relatives. Secondly, many people believe that costlier bags are reliable and durable, that’s why they buy expensive bags.

Question 4:- In the future, what changes will bags have?

Well, I don’t see any major changes in that these bags because current versions of bags are reliable. They serve the purpose, but if any change I would see is the material used to make these bags, they would be more reliable. I think the back of these backpacks will also include wheels like trolley bags, so having back pain can roam around with a backpack like an airport.

Question 5:- Why do children need to carry a uniform school bag?

I think children are very vulnerable towards small things and they start comparing when they see different bags of their friends. Hence, it is the main purpose behind keeping a uniform bag for every kid and student so that they can focus on their study and don’t get this feeling of comparison or jealousy in their minds.

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