Describe a Cafe That You Like to Visit: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe a cafe that you like to visit

  • What Cafe it is?
  • Where it is?
  • How often do you go there?
  • Why do you want to see the Cafe?

Sample 1

Cafes are liked by many people, especially youngsters, to hang out with their friends or have some good food. Cafes play an integral role in the lifestyle of individuals. Here I would like a talk about a cafe which I found very interesting. The name of the Cafe is Green cafe, and Its location is in the centre of the city in the main market. This is the reason that everyone visits there comfortably. I love this Cafe due to numerous items reasons; The Cafe offers delicious food and drinks for its customers. The food and servicing is the most prominent thing that the customers like about it. Although I like grilled bread and hot chocolate the most, it offers quite a few other yummy things like pizza, garlic bread, pasta, and a variety of Chinese food. Moreover, the ambience of this Cafe is mesmerising. Every time I visit there, I feel over the moon and overwhelm. Because the decorations of walls are made up of unique textures and designs along with my fav blue colour, the seating arrangement inside the Cafe is a quite marvellous and this Cafe also offers a complimentary dishes whenever do Sanjay Jain check out the bill of 500 and this cafe Assam provision of the roof of which people can enjoy it with their friends at night so this Cafe already loaded with full of amenities and the behaviour of staff on this Cafe hats off. Seriously, you fell in love with this Cafe when you visited there.

Sample 2

In this contemporary world, people have enormous chances to visit numerous cafeterias as per their taste. Most of the cafes in my hometown are extremely fantastic but, today I would like to talk about one of the best cafés in those, which is Tea Kadai. Tea Kadai is one of the most popular south Indian brands. Very recently, they had opened numerous outlets in different parts of South Indian states. That is in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. This one popular shop is in my hometown—nearly seven kilometres from my home. One of the most spectacular features of tea Kadai is all the services are self. Almost all the south Indian, north Indian and vegetable dishes and snacks are available here. One the peak hours, there was a heavy rush in the shop, and we didn’t get space for parking for our vehicle because of this. Apart from this, popular sweet and savoury dishes are available in the late evenings. These dishes are the highlight of their menu. Weekly, once or twice, I visit tea Kadai, and I like their Kunafa very much. I feel on cloud nine when I taste a particular dish. Compared with other cafes, most other shops cost a fortune and be like chalk and cheese because the serene and exquisite ambience provides enthusiasm to the visitors. Furthermore, the service of the workers is extremely legitimate. That’s the reason people, including me, like this café.

Follow-ups of Describe a Cafe That You Like to Visit

Question 1:- What kind of people would like to go to a cafe?

Answer 1:- Well, youngsters seem very interesting to visit a cafe in their day to day life because they know very well about the locations and about the cafe quality and they always engage with their mobile phones which get compatible Offers from Cafe. Moreover, in terms of working people they would like to prefer cafes due to lack of time they can’t make a meal in their home and Cafe provides ample of cousins in a very reasonable price.

Answer 2:- People who like to spend time with friends, family members and fellow workers always preferred to like to visit the cafeteria. In addition, most of them interact with them with coffee, tea, soft drinks and some snacks. Apart from this, there are fantastic small dishes or snacks that are popular like burgers, pizzas, fried items, dosa, pani poori, etc. Furthermore, most of the dishes are available at low rates, and people do not have time to avail heavy dishes in big hotels.

Question 2:- Why do young people like studying in a cafe instead of at home?

Answer 1:- There are a few reasons young people like to study in-cafe rather than a house. Firstly, Cafe is more interested and loaded with sophisticated pieces of equipment, which easily attract the Cafe. Secondly, the ambience of the cafes is quite compatible with the young people’s nature, and they easily get more concentration on their studies while studying. They also take a lot of meals from the Cafe, which eventually they feel more delightful. So in modern society, every people like to go to Cafe for various purposes, but studies are quite popular assets, whereas there are massive distractions of sources in homes, so which people are unable to get focused while learning.

Answer 2:- For me, they get the exact ambience that they prefer. In their home, they did not get these ambiences due to some unavoidable reasons. In European countries, it is part of a citizen’s life. They spend hours in the cafeteria with cups of coffee or tea and snacks. These cafes provided free wifi and some other services for them.

Question 3:- Do older people like to drink coffee?

Answer 1:- Yes, old people also like to order coffee in their day to day life because it contains a lot of caffeine, and it also reduces their anxiety level. Apart from that elderly people often get tired in a short time, so they need instant energy, so I think coffee is one of the most sources of energy which they preferred and feel more delightful so coffee is a must necessity for old age people and they also consume a coffee on a large scale.

Answer 2:- I do not think so. In my country, most senior citizens are interested in drinking green tea instead of coffee. Most medical practitioners are insisted to drink green tea because it helps to increase metabolism.

Question 4:- Do Indian people like to drink coffee?

Answer 1:- Yes, Indian people also like to drink coffee in their day to day life. I think it totally depends on their taste and desires. Most Indian people get addicted to coffee even they start up their day with morning coffee and take a nap with coffee .apart from that, tea and coffee are the most popular beverages in India. Whenever they prefer to go on certain occasions, they definitely interact with varieties of coffee, and this beverage has become a prominent part of Indian people.

Answer 2:- Definitely, I think Indians like to drink coffee more than tea. Because several parts of the country are cultivating the coffee plant, there is no scarcity for the same. In addition, people always think that coffee is far better than tea.

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