Describe a Gift You Would Like to Buy for Your Friend: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe a gift you would like to buy for your friend. You should say:

  • What gift you would like to buy?
  • Who you would like to give it to?
  • Why you would like to buy a gift for him/her?
  • And explain why you choose that gift?

Sample 1

Well, gifts consider a symbol of love in my country and exchanging or receiving gifts is quite popular among individuals. I think that is the way when people express their feelings to others. Similarly, I have this kind of intention to give a gift on a friend’s birthday, and here I would like to talk about a gift which I planned to give one friend birthday Rahul, so first of all, it was quite a herculean task to finalise the gift for Rahul, and I was in a massive dilemma about which gift I should go for and would be compatible with his lifestyle. Surprisingly, I spent a lot of the time researching several various items, and finally, I made a decision to gift a smartwatch smart with the brand Apple. Moreover, it has an abundance of reasons because this watch comes with numerous features which help to make their lifestyle of the Rahul too convenient inappropriate manner and he is a good sports enthusiast, and he often spends his time in sports. Apart from that. He has already won plenty of competitions, and now he is preparing for the national game, and I realised that he was poor in time management when he shared his performance with me. Furthermore, this watch helps to make proper time management in sports as well as in his studies. Another reason is that the watch easily synchronises with his phone, which makes him able to get a crucial notification in an appropriate time manner. With the help of this watch, my friend pursues their career in a very good way, so that is a gift I like to plan to give on his special day.

Sample 2

Well, gifts are token of love, and people exchange gifts with their near and dear ones, and if we give gifts to others, then it strengthens our relationship. So here I will like to speak about a gift that I bought for my friend. It was a book on meditation. I thought to choose this gift because my friend is a bibliophile, and due to the heavy workload, he easily gets upset. So I thought to give it to my friend so that he can have a balanced personality and he would be able to make a balance in his professional as well as personal life. It’s a great book written by Sadguru, and in this book, various techniques are displayed to readers, and by adopting those, they are able to control their emotions. It is also written in the book that emotions are the root cause of sadness. With the assistance of it, readers are able to turn their sadness into happy ones. I think my friend would be able to lead his life blissfully. So this is a gift that I would like to give to my friend.

Follow-ups of Describe a Gift You Would Like to Buy for Your Friend

Question 1:- What is the importance of gifts?

Answer 1:- Yes, gifts play an integral role in the life of individuals. Therefore they are able to express and share personal feelings with others. Moreover, presents consider a symbol of love and happiness. However, gift-giving is nowadays common everywhere, and in every relation, gift-giving is something that a person doesn’t expect, and when you get something unexpected, then it takes your happiness or excitement to another level.

Answer 2:- Gifts are very important, and if they are given warmth and love, these are highly valued by others because people build relationships strong with their counterparts. It’s a way to develop friendships deeply.

Question 2:- Is there any pressure on us to buy presents?

Answer 1:- Well, there is no pressure to buy presents for others, but it is a feeling that people are unable to identify physically, so they take help as gifts that represent the positive intentions toward the person, and these processes are naturally occurring in the mind, when has few qualities and attractive behaviour, have special feelings for another person, definitely move forward with gifts.

Answer 2:- No, there is not any kind of pressure on buying gifts for others. It’s human consent. If people like to give gifts, then they can give. Otherwise, they are not bound to buy expensive gifts for their loved ones.

Question 3:- Do Indian people often give gifts?

Answer 1:- Yes, definitely that kind of a tradition which people follow from the Past and it also has some important meaning in the life of Indian people, however, the custom of giving the gift is a popular in a modern India as it is the world over gifts are not usually given enough business, however, if you are inviting to visit an Indian occasion and festival definitely they bring a gift for another person and maintain their bonding with them.

Answer 2:- Well, giving gifts to a close one is highly valued because it makes their friendship strong and makes the other person feel special. People collect memories in the form of gifts, and in their later period of life, they recall those memories and feel happy.

Question 4:- What’s the value of giving presents?

Answer 1:- We often give gifts to establish our connection with others which means that they are a reflection of both the giver and receiver. Apart from that, it has earned tremendous benefits in the lifestyle of the people with the help of gifts they definitely build confidence and reduce anxiety levels, and foremost reason is that can clear the intention of another person which they are seeking for.

Answer 2:- Yes, it is in their culture to exchange gifts, and people like to give gifts on certain occasions like wedding anniversaries, birthday parties and at any social gathering. A function without a gift is not considered good. So people buy different kinds of presents that can please the other person.

Question 5:- What kinds of gifts are suitable for friends to give each other?

Answer 1:- It’s a totally depend on the situation of another person which people have different taste and this desire, and they definitely expect the gifts from other in on imagination but in the term of friends, they always like a clothing or shoes and sophisticated types of equipment as a gift and these products gonna buy from over the Internet. However, luxurious gifts are also kind of popular nowadays, but the majority of people don’t like to invest more money in gifts.

Answer 2:- Well there are different kinds of gifts that people can give to their friends like boys can give a wallet, formal attire, footwear and similarly girls can give their friends teddy bears, a box of chocolates and clothes which their friends can use in their routine.

Question 6:- What factors do people consider when buying a gift for friends?

Answer 1:- Definitely, a budget is one of the biggest concerns among people, and they don’t like to invest huge money. However, the second one is bonding with friends also consider while buying the gifts and the last one is a taste of that person which kind of category like in gifts.

Answer 2:- First of all, people consider the value. If the gift is within their budget only, then they purchase. Another thing is that they consider the usability of the gift. If they consider the gift is just for showcase, then they don’t buy it because they want their comrades can use them in their routine.

Question 7:- Why do people give presents?

Answer 1:- As I already mentioned earlier! The majority of individuals like to give gifts to establish their connection with others which means that they are a reflection of both the giver and receiver. There are a lot of occasions which people like to celebrate every single moment by a giving presents, in other words, a kind of sense of humour between people whenever they visit for the first time in a someone house, and they definitely bring a small gift as a symbol of true friendship.

Answer 2:- People give presents because they are invited to birthday parties or anniversaries, and they don’t want to go with empty hands so taking a gift for near and dear ones shows their courtesy; and, it is a way to become friends forever.

Question 8:- Do children prefer receiving gifts or spending happy time with their parents?

Answer 1:- The craze for gifts in children is quite mesmerising, but Children are very innocent. They love receiving gifts and never be satisfied with one gift even they don’t have the ability to recognise the importance of family, so they take the happy time with their parents as granted.

Answer 2:- Well, it varies a child to child. Some children like to spend time with their parents, while others want gifts from them. I think children who feel isolated at home due to working parents want time from their parents to spend with them, and the children who live in a joint family and parents have maximum time to spend with them, and they want gifts from their parents.

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