Describe a Cafe That You Like to Visit

Describe a cafe that you like to visit

  • What Cafe it is,
  • Where it is,
  • How often do you go there,
  • Why do you want to see the Cafe

Sample Answer of Describe a Cafe That You Like to Visit

There are various places where people usually like to go like restaurants, pubs, parks, theatres and many more. Here I would like to speak about a cafe, which is at a stone’s throw from my home and the Cafe’s name is Skylark Cafe. I usually go there whenever I have a meeting with my friend because it is a quiet place and it can accommodate not more than ten people.

So it’s a private place, and people can discuss their personal issues; otherwise, they are unable to discuss at open areas. The other thing that attracted me to visit this Cafe is because this Cafe serves me well. The dishes that are served to the customers are mouth-watering, especially the fast foods. So people can discuss their problems as well as other works and simultaneously can enjoy palatable food. I like this Cafe because this Cafe is beautifully constructed and the colour of the walls is enchanting.

Moreover, the curtains are hanging in a creative way. In addition, every weekend, there is a singing competition, where people usually show their talent and entertain others. In return, customers get free dinner either they can come with their family or alone. So this is a cafe, where I usually go and really love to visit that place again and again.


Follow Up Describe a Cafe That You Like to Visit

Question 1 What kind of people would like to go to a cafe?

Answer – Usually youngsters like to visit Cafe because Cafe’s are secluded places, where they go and enjoy a lot. They get every facility related to beverages as well as hard food.

Question 2 Why do young people like studying in a cafe instead of at home?

Answer – Because these places are quiet places, where people don’t disturb each other. There are many cabins in a cafe, and they are soundproof. So some like to do study there.

Question 3 Do older people like to drink coffee?

Answer – Yes, holders are fond of taking coffee. Now it is a trend among every generation to have a cup of coffee because they break the ice with a sip of coffee, and oldsters, who are sometimes experiencing lower blood pressure, by taking a cup of coffee, feel energetic and rebuild their confidence.

Question 4 Do Indian people like to drink coffee?

Answer – Yes, Indian people like to drink coffee a lot because now it is in Vogue. A person, who offers a cup of coffee, is considered cultured. Indian people love the taste of the coffee, and they like to take it more.

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