Describe a Change that Could Improve Your Local Area: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe a change that could improve your local area. You should say:

  • what the change would be?
  • how this change could be made?
  • what problems are causing the need for this change?
  • and explain how this change would improve your local area?

Sample 1

So basically my society which I had been living for the past two years, is an absolutely developed one, and there are no changes that can be an actually required but recently, because of the heavy rainfall, the playground which was constructed a few months earlier was dismantled and destroyed completely. I want to talk about that change that we can do it, so you know the residents can this change only volunteers especially the kids to come forward clean this area with that association people should have good discussions and make sure that enough equipment such as slides swings seesaws and all the equipment which can be played by kids and they can have fun can be installed recently when there was heavy rainfall in our area the rainwater it got accumulated, and it was stagnant for more than a week who does heavy downpour the entire area was flooded, and we couldn’t go anywhere rather than watch this technique stagnation of water, so I feel that it is important to clean this area immediately if not the nearby residence of prawn to severe diseases such as cold cholera fever and many other viruses as well does change will actually provide a good attractive look to the entire building less these kinds of diseases can be used rapidly.

Sample 2

Well, changes play a significant role in the life of the individual, so without the changes, life would be mundane and put emphasis on mind, so we need to change and upgrade our day to day life according to our tastes and desires, which eventually leads to many people attract towards their workplace for better outcomes. And here I would like a talk about in change which I want to improve in my hometown that is Recreational park. This is because parks play an integral role in the lifestyle of humans, so we can do a lot of activities at the same time with near and dear ones. Furthermore, First of all, I want to change the whole infrastructure of the park with a few possibilities. Because the condition of the park is in bad shape, without a single facility. Moreover, secondly, I want to install some sort of gym Machines which eventually plenty of individuals like to get a attract and insist themselves towards the free gym options and also appropriately maintain their lifestyles without spending a single penny. Because in my home town majority of people have lack of time, so they are unable to spend their time, due to park options not a good for them. Therefore, some problems will occur to get a change in a Park. First of all, I need to take permission from our senior authorities, which is not a possibility in an easy manner, so I need to do struggle to get approval from them, so that is the changes I would like to do in a park which makes the lifestyle of the people to convenient.

Follow-ups of Describe a Change that Could Improve Your Local Area: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Question 1:- Why do old people not like changes?

Answer 1:- Off based normally grandparents or the older people the elders and my family don’t like to have any kinds of changes because they want they have adapted themselves to a lifestyle, and they don’t want to change anything new also they have already seen so many things in their life, and they just want to proceed with that rather than implementing new things, and it is also difficult in there is to adjust to the latest.


Answer 2:-  There are numerous reasons why old people do not like a modification in surroundings because they easily get frustrated and irritated with the noise of upgradation, so that kind of things is not compatible with their body apart from them they already habitual with their nearby places or things and the unable to get familiar with the new places because they already in old stage and keen to spend their whole the life with old things.

Question 2:- Do you think it’s important for people to socialize with their neighbours?

Answer 1:- Yes, absolutely Absolutely It is crucial for all the residents to know about each other and according to my perspective, it is important to know the neighbours in terms of any kind of difficult situation they are the ones who will help us.

Answer 2:- Yes, people must socialize with their neighbours, and it can be far more peaceful to live among neighbours who like I respect each other respectful neighbours are likely to invade your space, be loud and rowdy and make overall daily life stressful, so sometimes they need to spend their quality time with them and also do a recreational activity which makes a lifestyle to easier apart from them in every certain location they need to invite themself and also enhance their bonding with them.

Question 3:- How do people socialize with their neighbours?

Answer 1:- There are so many ways to socialize with our fellow neighbours during we can give gifts or sweets to neighbours and weekend talk to them and also socialize during the gatherings which are conducted in the apartment or the society we can talk to them and may good morning with them that is possible we can also meet have regular meetings and talk about how to improve our society so by these ways we can have with the neighbours.

Answer 2:- I don’t think people are nowadays socialist with their neighbours because they have lack time to spend their time with near and dear ones. They are already involved in their hustle-bustle schedule, so every time they are stuck in work but in the term ruler area majority of people like to socialize with their neighbours on a large scale, so every kind of occasion they need to do it together, so it is a kind of differences between

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