Describe a Change That You Want to Improve in Your Local Area

Describe a Change That You Want to Improve in Your Local Area

  1.what is it?

  2.why do you want it?

 3.what problems it will solve?



Well, I live near the well-known market in my city, the busiest crossings of the city. There are several superior things concerning society, like as good transport and neighborhood. But, there is one thing that sometimes gets troublesome that there are no CCTV cameras in the street. There is the great hustle and bustle throughout the day. There are many negative outcomes to this. Day in day out, we hear about lots of misdeed in our zones such as breaking, the loot of motor vehicle, pickpocket, and the rest. so most of the persons admit it is not a safe place for shopping

I think the installation of cameras would also be necessary. Firstly, Cameras keep personal assets out of harm’s way. Through digital-recorder, law enforcement officers can prevent crimes from happening and quickly solve criminal cases with material evidence. Secondly, According to experts and constitutional pundits. Vehicle theft is potentially the fastest growing type of violation in most of the busy streets. Most of the Drivers are park on the route rather than designate parking spots, and many wrongdoers are taking the comfort of the circumstance. Cam coders have been shown to reduce vehicle misconduct, especially in parking garages.

Thirdly, the cameras will help monitor smooth traffic movement and help identify traffic violators. Data captured by means of the cameras will be despatched to a single controller and command center to be able to monitor the visitors of the city. Our society has already suggested the idea to the crime branch officials, and he promised to support and work for our region. I am hopeful that the local executive will soon pick up the project and start working on it

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1 thought on “Describe a Change That You Want to Improve in Your Local Area”

  1. Dear Sir /Madam,

    My name is Aditya and am resident of Malviya Nagar, Block B area. There are no CCTV cameras installed in the area like we have in our neighborhood. Therefore, we urge your help in installing cameras in the closed vicinity to keep track of criminals.

    There is a surge in the number of criminal cases happening in our area. Every other day there are cases like chain snatching, pick pocketing or burglary.
    Due to unlockdown phase now, these cases are mounting despite the fact we have regular police patrolling. To control on these criminal activities, these camera will monitor of the movement in the area.

    With the Cameras installed specially in the main market will help in tracking of any suspicious movements primarily. In addition this will also create fear to driver who are over-speeding in the crowded market and violating rules and injuring people. Our Society members along with chairman have already suggested the installation of Camera to the nearby police station and therefore we are seeking your approval to drive this project and help the society.

    Your’s faithfully,

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