Describe an Important Journey That Was Delayed

Describe an Important Journey That Was Delayed Due to Covid-19

You should say:

  • where you were going
  • why the tour was important
  • what caused the delay and how you felt about the delay


  • where you were going

I want to tell you about a time when my journey was delayed and turned into a daring. I am a native of India, and I had to catch my flight to Australia. The trip, I wanted to take was to attend the graduation day of my little sister about two months ago. By the way, she and I have a very close bond. It was because of my advice that my sister chose to study engineering abroad and she told me that her curtain-raiser would remain half-done if I am not part of it. So, attending that convocation had great psychological value to me. Aside from, I also did not want to miss that once-in-a-lifetime-event of my sister

  • why the tour was important

So, I made all the plans in advance as well as done shopping for my sister and her friends. But, even though those plans in advance, I could not arrive at the destination. Because of the cancelled of flights due to the Covid-19 lockdown. I booked a flight for Sunday at noon and reached the airport before time. When i was there. i was informed that all the flights cancelled. I was shocked and i along with my family, immediately rushed to the investigation block of the airlines to know about the situation. I became disappointed also I kept praying to God to help me tide this dilemma for the reason that I did not want to miss the opportunity to meet my sister after four years

  • what caused the delay and how you felt about the delay

I felt a bit depressed after my journey was break off. So I felt a little relief at the same time, knowing that the stoppage happened because of a valid excuse. I also felt that my sister would not mind it. Besides, we got stuck for 24hours at the airport and then finally we came back home late at night.

follow up questions

1.what do you mean by covid-19?

Covid-19 is a worldwide pandemic that was confirmed by WHO and start spreading in 2109. Coronavirus is an infection that goes from person to person . its main symptoms are high temperature, cough, and so on. you return to your home from the airport?

Well, as i earlier told i got stuck there for one day without food, due to lockdown in all over India. We all were frazzled because we had no option to came back to our home. Then we contact one of my uncle’s friends. He is a police officer in Delhi. He gives us information about how to obtain lockdown e-pass from the near police station. Then we did as they said, we applied for e-pass after 4 -5 hours we recieved our pass.

3. What types of documentation required to make a pass?

Well, it depends upon pass to pass, for lockdown pass we need id proof and vehicle number also arrival address as well as destination location address.

This is the End of the Cue Card ( Describe an Important Journey That Was Delayed )

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  1. I want to tell you the journey which is very important for me but delayed due to covid 19.Actually there was a marriage of my cousin brother who was living in delhi and it was the first marriage in our family and we all were very happy. We made all the arrangements and dresses were finalised. I made all the plans in the advanced and buy gifts for my cousin and his family but that plans didn’t work Because all the flights were cancelled due to covid 19. Actually we had booked seats of sunday night and when we reached airport we came to know that all the flights were cancelled and there was no chance of rescheduling of flighrs. At that we felt so sad because all the plans were ruined but at the same time we understand the thing that all this happing because of passenger’s safety so we came back home and inform to all our relatives and also I called my cousin brothers and explain him all the situation. He felt so bad but at the same time he understand our problem. He make plan of doing marriage when situation become better. So this was the whole journey.

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