Describe a chocolate you didn’t like IELTS Cue Card

Describe a chocolate you didn’t like IELTS Cue Card

You should say:-

  • What was it?
  • When you tasted it?
  • How it tasted like ?
  • And explain why you didn’t like it?

 Sample answer of Describe a chocolate you didn’t like IELTS Cue Card 

Well, I consider myself a chocoholic person. In fact, if someone offers me chocolate, it’s hard for me to say no to them. Since my childhood, I have tried different flavored chocolates, and I almost liked most of them. Although I enjoyed varieties of chocolate, one flavor, sea salt caramel, I tried recently, but I didn’t like much.

About five years ago, my family and I went to Manali to enjoy our summer vacation. During the shopping, we saw a beautiful heart shape case of chocolate which is alluring to anyone. The shopkeeper told us it was international branded chocolate, and they offer four kinds of flavored chocolate( red chili, green tea, sea salt, and raspberry) inside the box, and believe me, all the flavors were new to me. 

From the outside, it had bright colors and looked eye-grabbing. I had never heard of this flavor before and was really excited to try it.

 So that’s why I purchased it and thought, why should I not try it? I actively opened the box and tested one by one all flavor. All flavors were unique and well-balanced except only the sea salt flavor. As soon as I tried the first bite of sea salt flavor, I felt like it was slightly salty in taste. But honestly, it was totally opposite to my expectation. It was terrible in taste which I had never experienced before.

Two main reasons why I did not like it. The first one was chocolate tasted more savory than sweet. In short, the salt and sweet combination was not perfectly balanced. Moreover, the caramel taste made it taste worse because it was so sticky, making it difficult to swollen. 

All in all, this was the flavor of chocolate that I did not like and left a nasty taste in my mouth.

Follow-ups of Describe a chocolate you didn’t like IELTS Cue Card 

Question:- do children like to eat different chocolates?

Answer – Yes, children love to eat all types of chocolates because they like the sweet taste, and when it comes to chocolates, they are easily available in different shapes and sizes that lure the kids. in fact, most of the children’s eatable things include cocoa powder or choco chips to attract the kids and give them chocolaty flavor.

Question 2:- can you describe some popular flavors of chocolate?

Answer – To be honest, nowadays, companies introduce huge varieties of chocolates because of competition. For instance, milky chocolate, dark chocolate, semisweet chocolate, and many others. However, in India, nestle and dairy milk are two brands more popular than others, and people exchange these chocolate gifts on special occasions.

Question3:- What are some products that are made of chocolate?

Answer – There are so many products in which chocolate is the main ingredient. For instance, hot and cold chocolate beverages, cakes, chocolate truffles, icecreams, etc. Apart from that, nowadays, chefs make some fusion dishes with experiments with chocolate like chocolate pizza and chocolate fries.

Question 4:- Do people like chocolate cakes?

Answer – Undoubtedly yes, chocolate cakes are in trend now, and they come in different flavors of chocolates like white, red, and dark. In fact, teenagers and children like to eat chocolate dips and black forest cakes most. On the other hand, some elders do not like the dark chocolate flavor because they find it bitter in taste.

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