Describe a complaint that you made, and you were satisfied with the result

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# Describe a complaint that you made, and you were satisfied with the result

You should say:

  • When it happened
  • Who you complained it to
  • What you complained about
  • And explain why you were happy with the result


I’m going to tell you about a time I had a massive problem in a restaurant near my house. As I’m highly allergic (dangerously allergic) to shrimp, it is essential that I convey this to a restaurant before they prepare my food. My allergy is so severe that if the cook doesn’t change their gloves after making shrimp, my body can break into hives and go into shock.

So, one evening my boyfriend and I went out for dinner. He ordered Shrimp Scampi, and I ordered Chicken Parmesan. I let the waiter know the severity of my allergy as he was taking our order, and he assured me that the cook would change gloves before handling my request. As soon as I took a few bites of my food, my throat started feeling tight, and I started breaking out in hives. I then had to be taken to the hospital to get my allergic reaction under control.

I had some choice words (said unkind or curse words to) with the waiter, but I mostly waited until after I got out of the hospital to call the manager of the restaurant to let him know what had happened and he apologized countless times. Since this was a grand mistake on the restaurant’s part, they offered to cover my medical expenses. I was extremely pleased with this because I had received a pretty expensive bill. Although I felt pretty angry at the restaurant for making a mistake, I realize that they are only humans. I was satisfied that the manager immediately apologized and offered to cover my expenses. If he had put up a fight, it would have been another story.

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