Describe a Dinner You Really Enjoyed

Describe a dinner you really enjoyed

You should say:

  • When it was?
  • What did you eat?
  • Who you were with?
  • And explain why you enjoyed it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Dinner You Really Enjoyed

I always like to try different dishes and different continental food on my working day of course I have to eat homely food but during weekends whenever I am free I make sure to visit a nearby restaurant where I can try this different and delicious decision so I precisely remember in 2016 my company sent me for the business purpose in Kenya which is located in the east region of the Africa

so I was there from six months I was cooking for myself initially I enjoyed the food but by the time it was so monotonous because I only know limited amount of recipes so I went to one of my relatives who stays in Kenya for from the last decade and they are very much settled in Kenya so I told my aunt about my pain and she was so upset that I didn’t tell her this situation before as soon as she came to know about my situation she told that today you are going to have the dinner with me and my family.


so I was really grateful and happiness was at immense level at that point in time she prepared all the local dishes which I liked and it was so warm gesture from her actually I enjoyed all the food items which she prepared because it was not only having the test but it was also having the love of my aunt actually the entire family was forcing me to eat much I actually over it during that days and I still cherish those moments when I came back to home and I told this story to my family they were also delighted that I finally got some delicious food because they also know that I am very much fan of food so that dinner in particular I will remember for the lifetime because in my country in my city it is very easy to order online food or to visit a nearby restaurant but when you are in my strange country and you get the same dinner which you like it is rare and I I was delighted to have that

Follow ups Describe a Dinner You Really Enjoyed

Question 1. Why do people like to have special food on special occasions?

Answer – I think this is a perspective of the entire society that special occasions never end without having delicious food items so it is so common across the globe that people like to have different tissues and their favourite dish is whether it is their birthday or wedding ceremony

Question 2. What is the difference between eating at home and eating out on special occasions?

Answer – I think homely food is always preferable but sometimes on the special occasion people love to eat outside in famous restaurants especially with the good ambiance I think it gives people to enjoy their life because in recent days people are so much stress full and full of anxiety because of their busy work schedules in this way they enjoy their time with family

Question 3. What national identity can be seen in a nation’s cuisine?

Answer – Well I have only tasted two or three international food or continental food dishes so European items are basically not very much cooked and they never fry vegetables or fruits they like to have them after boiling them whereas in India it is altogether a different scenario where people like to add as many spices as possible besides this they also love to have fried food which is also their identity and whenever tourists visit India they have a lot of food items because of a variety of food dishes available here

Question 4. Why do global leaders like to gather around for dinner?

Answer –Well I think it is a gesture of formality and while having dinner and testing different food items they can discuss some really important and international issues of their nations so they can get into some serious talks while having and enjoying their dinner that’s why this concept is there of setting up a dinner between two important leaders while they are meeting

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