Describe a Family Which You Like and Are Happy to Know

Describe a family which you like and are happy to know. You should say
Who are they?
Where do they live?
How do you know them?
And explain why you like them?

There are many families in my life but one of which I love to be happy to be the family of is a family where my uncle and aunt stayed here in the Vadodara is best it is just a two-kilometer away from my home we used to get to know them because we were living there in that society around 10 years so at the time we interact with each other and we share food and have some party among each other, so we get to know about each other than we really feel very close and loving and caring from them.

I usually go there to meet them during the weekend because I love food made by my aunty really it was delicious food. I feel happy that I would have such a family member in my life that I could share my things with them, and also I could celebrate the achievements and Sorrows of my life.

Follow-Ups of Describe a Family Which You Like and Are Happy to Know

Question 1:- Who is usually the leader in an Indian family?

Well in my opinion usually the leaders in the family are grandparents and grandmother. After them, our parents are the leading leader of the Indian family because they have lots of experience in life that how to handle the children and how to overcome the difficulties in the life. They played a great role in our life because they can also share their experiences and knowledge that will definitely help us.

Question 2:- How do grandparents take care of their children?

Grandparents Love the children's very much, and they definitely take care of the children because they are the heart of life and shared experiences and play fun games or doing the activities that their children are doing. They also teach in some of the few subjects so really love to cook delicious food for the children and also used to tell such a sweet story that will let children sleep very nicely.

Question 3:- What’s the most important quality of a good parent?

Well, there are many lots of qualities of good parents but most important quality of that understanding and trust with the children's this is what makes a major difference in the life if parents have the trust and understanding with their children and definitely, the life would be very easy for both of them but it parents are not able to understand and have a trust with the children that would definitely affect the work because this is a factor is very important that you see and understanding between them then you would definitely grow in your life.

Question 4:- How can new parents learn about parenting?

There are many different ways of learning parents can learn about parenting the most important learning source is there that they could able to learn most of the things from their parents and grandparent and also uses online sources are available that you can also learn from them, but in my opinion, I prefer that you can get even take the knowledge and experiences from your parents and grandparents because they have faced this phase of life so they would be definitely able to help you and get you to know about how to take care of the children,

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