Talk About a Time When Felt Really Bored

Talk about a time when felt really bored. You should say

  • When was it?
  • Who were you with?
  • What were you doing?
  • Why you felt bored?

Well we all know that from December 2019 this coronavirus pandemic is going on and unfortunately I also was infected in last August 2020 so basically I was not having so much infection in my lungs so my doctor asked me to be quarantined at my home we are lucky enough to have a big home and the bathroom is also attached with that room so it was very easy for my parents to quarantine me and since my wife is also staying there we were separated for 14 days in August 2020 the quarantine period was 14 days and initially I was really excited to be alone because I really find it interesting to be alone I like to spend time with myself this is because I like to meditate and do some breathing practices on my own I do them daily when I wake up at 6:00 AM thus I was really excited about my quarantine period but after few days it was so boring because my life was so monotonous I completed one or 2 books but it was not working out as I had to wear a mask every time and I was not able to talk to anyone face to face though we are lucky enough to be equipped with the technologies that we can do video call to our friends and family members but I do I interaction is always mandatory so that 14 days. It was really boring, and I felt that what will I do when will I come out of this one room, and I started hating myself for not being very conscious about this COVID-19 virus, so this was the incidence, oh eventually, the 14 days. It went well, and I was lucky enough to survive through this deadly virus.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Time When Felt Really Bored

Question 1:- When do people feel bored?

I think people start feeling boring when their life is not having any chance to elaborate this when the schedule is fixed, and their work is fixed, then it becomes boring for them.

Question 2:- What can people do when they feel bored?

Well there are many things people do when they feel boring firstly they go on a holiday, or Secondly, they choose to go into silence or isolation in some meditation camp 3rd and most important they spend time with their near and dear ones to get rid of the monotones work schedule and work-life I would also like to add hear that if Housewives in my village when they feel boring they usually go to temples nearby.


Question 3:- Do people get bored with daily routines?

Absolutely as I mentioned earlier, if their daily routine is an organic one and they are rigorously following it for a long duration, then there are high chances that they will become boring eventually

Question 4:- Is it easier for younger people to feel bored than for the old?

No, I don’t think like that. I think generation ex-people get bored very easily because they are retired mostly retired. They do not have some work to do if we talk about kids and children they need to go to school they also meet their friends with lots of toys to play with. Basically, their life is on the edge of the start, and their career is starting to grow, chances that they will feel bored; basically, they enjoy their life to the fullest.

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