Describe a Famous Food from Your Hometown or Country: Recent Speaking Test

Describe a famous food from your hometown or country. You should say:-

  • What it looks like?
  • What it tastes like?
  • When and how it is usually eaten?
  • And say why you think it is famous.

Sample Answer of Describe a Famous Food from Your Hometown or Country

Well, people have different choices regarding meals. Some people prefer to eat fast food such as noodles and burgers. While others consider traditional meals are the best, in my hometown, rice pudding is one of my favourite meals.

It is a creamy and delicious dessert. Raisins make it palatable, and rose water enhances its flavour on many occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries.

This dessert is prepared, and people feel happy to eat it before starting any business. So it is considered a good omen. It is more famous in my hometown because it is straightforward to cook at home as all the ingredients are available in every kitchen.

I would like to mention one incident when a small competition was organised in my locality to find out the best chef. Everybody was given jaggery to make rice-based pudding.

I made it but in a different way by adding cornstarch to make it thicker. I garnished it with coconut powder and saffron. It was remarkable that every people appreciated it.

Since then, at the beginning of the new month, it has been prepared by adding jaggery for taste. I eagerly wait for a new month so that I can relish it. The texture and flavour make it sweet in taste.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Famous Food from Your Hometown or Country

Question 1:- What are the types of food that people eat in your country?

Answer – Well, people eat different kinds of food such as fast food and traditional meals. It varies from person to person. In fast food, there is a variety of food available, like Mexican, Italian and Chinese.

Question 2:- What about foreign food? What kinds of foreign food are popular in your country?

Answer – Foreign foods can be sour and spicy. Some people like Italian pizza and burgers. At the same time, others prefer to eat desserts that can make gelato, apple pie etc.

Question 3:- In your country, is it important to have a meal together with your family?

Answer – Yes, eating together in a family is very popular because it’s a great way to have some sort of conversation related to their personal lives, businesses or career. Meals in a day, especially a dinner, strengthen their relationships as people can outlet their feelings with other family members; otherwise, they don’t get time due to their busy schedules.

Question 4:- Is food now better than in the past?

Answer – Well, food is losing its quality as more adulteration in food can be seen, while food in the past was organic and rich in taste. Now people experience a lot of diseases due to eating unhealthy food.

Question 5:- Do you think our diet is important?

Answer – Yes, diet is essential. In the absence of a good diet, people become a victim of many diseases. They don’t get proper nutrition and must depend on allopathic medicine to get essential vitamins. On the other hand, a good diet always keeps a person energetic, enthusiastic and healthy.

Question 6:- What is a balanced diet?

Answer – A balanced diet contains essential vitamins, fibres, nutrients, and carbohydrates. All are equal in proportion. A Balanced diet makes a person healthy both physically and mentally.

Question 7:- How are eating habits now in your country different from eating habits in the past?

Answer – Now, people don’t have good eating habits as they eat in haste due to a heavy workload at the workplace or sometimes at home. While in the past, people usually had a fixed schedule for eating on time, as they used to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. But now people skip breakfast and take brunch, and in the late evening, they enjoy supper.

Question 8:- How might eating habits change in the coming decades?

Answer – I think in the coming years, people will be more conscious about their health as presently they are becoming victims of many diseases due to inadequate healthy diet. So in the future, they will be more dependent on nutritious food and abstain from eating unhealthy food to add more years to their lives.

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