Describe a Shocking News that Made You Happy

Describe a shocking News That made you happy

  • What was it about?
  • Who told you the news?
  • When did you know it?
  • How did you feel about it?
  • Why do you think it was shocking?

Sample 1 Describe a Shocking News that Made You Happy

The Indian government passing a law to increase the girls’ marriage age from 18 to 21 was a piece of really shocking news. I first saw this in a friend’s Whatsapp status. I was so shocked to read it. As soon as I saw the status, I began searching on google to see if it was legitimate news. I read many articles about it on many different sites that day. Furthermore, I was so happy about it.

Finally, a great law was made in favour of girls. I have seen many girls getting married in my village as soon as they turned 18. Even when some of them wanted to go for higher education, they were not allowed to. They had to marry at 18, just when they passed their Higher secondary examination. Many parents still believe that girls are a heavy load which needs to be passed on as soon as possible.

They do not try to hear their girl child, and they want them to get married as soon as possible. Many girls are not able to complete graduation before marriage, and hence if they get the wrong husband, they are not able to come out of that marriage. They fear that if they take divorced, how will they manage to earn money for themselves? Sometimes when the husband dies in such a marriage, the wife is left all alone without any support.

Hence as soon as I read this news, I felt so happy about it. It is quite shocking because many people still try to marry their daughters off as soon as possible, and now due to the law, they need to wait until their daughters complete their graduation. Hence Many girls in the village were happy as soon as this law was announced.

Sample 2 Describe a Shocking News that Made You Happy

My sister was blessed with a baby girl when I became an aunt. It’s been years now since then, but I still consider her my lucky charm. I applied for my dream job, and I have made lots of effort, and I heard back from them about my selection. I got a call from HR about my assignment just after she was born. That tiny little angel was in my arms when I got the call. I shared the news with my family, and everyone at the hospital was pleased with my success and the birth of the little bundle of joy. So I applied for that job for more than six months. I have given so many rounds, but after the final round, there was no update for months; hence I was unsure if I had cleared the final stage. Hence, the job offer was shocking.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Shocking News that Made You Happy

Question 1:- Is it important to read the news?

Answer – It is essential to read the news so that we know what is going on around the world. Like if some new type of infection is coming, then we should know its risk and symptoms, which is told in the news.

Question 2:- What kind of news do people in your country like to read?

Answer –  People in my country mostly like to read entertainment and sports news. Among sports, especially cricket. Cricket is almost everyone’s favourite sport in India,

Question 3:- Are young people and old people interested in the same kind of news?

Answer – No, different age groups like different kinds of news. Young people like to read about entertainment, laws and cricket news. Older generations like to read news about crimes going on nearby. However, both generations like cricket news in common.

Question 4:- Is it important to keep reading up-to-date news?

Answer – Yes, it is indispensable to read the latest news. The latest news tells us about new laws, any new infections, climate changes etc. I think the current knowledge of such topics is quite essential.

Question 5:- How do people in your country get news?

Answer – Most people in India get news through newspapers and news channels on television. You can find both of these mostly in every Indian house.

Question 6:- Why do some people like to share news on social media?

Answer – Some people like to show off about there current knowledge. Nevertheless, most people want to share the news with others. They want others to know what is happening in the world.

Question 7:- Do you think children should start watching the news from a young age?

Answer – Yes, I think it is essential for children to watch the news from a young age. This will help them in increasing general knowledge and help them to understand this world better.

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