Many Psychologists Recommend that The Best Way to Relieve Stress Is to Do Nothing at All for A Period

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Many psychologists recommend that the best way to relieve stress is to do nothing at all for a period of time during the day. Do you agree or disagree?

Several behavioural therapists have suggested that sitting idle a few times a day can do the best to get rid of stress. I agree with the statement as it enhances the productivity of a person as well as storing the energy which might have been spent in doing work.

First, sitting free in the evening helps a person increase productivity. To elaborate, individuals get exhausted after following a hectic routine. Taking a break for half an hour or an hour relaxes the body’s organs, and the body again gets ready to accept the challenges of the rest of the day. For instance, the human body is like a machine. A grinder is often used in kitchens for chopping. It has been advised to the customers in the manual to use it sparingly. After grinding for once, it must be stopped for 2-3 minutes. Because it will cool down and work effectively. Similarly, the body Works, and it can improve its efficiency.

Moreover, doing nothing for some time in a day does not bring any harm to the human body. It can work best to accumulate the energy spent by the masses to do work either at home or at the workplace. During that period, people can meditate and feel relaxed. Thus they can store their energy. People have joined meditation groups to exemplify it and remove monotony and anxiety. Therefore, they do nothing and do meditate at a particular time of the day. They experience a complete transformation in their body, and they look more energetic and glad the following day, and they become successful in achieving work-life balance.

To conclude, it is clear that doing nothing for an hour or a few minutes in a day helps a body feel relaxed and improves efficiency. Besides, keeping mum and doing meditation helps a person store their energy, which makes them rejuvenate and achieve a balance in life.

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