Describe a Film that Made You Think a Lot.

Describe a film that made you think a lot. You should say:

  • What the film was about?
  • When and Where you watch it?
  • Whether you like or dislike it?
  • Explain why it made you think a lot.
What the film was about?

The film which I watched recently was a k-drama movie named “ Doctor John”. The movie tells us information about one type of non-curable syndrome CIPA(Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis ) where people will not be able to feel any pain. They are very sensitive to survival as compared to normal human beings. Their Life span is very less where they can be affected by many infections.

When and Where you watch it?

I watched this series in my home, 2 months before Netflix.

Whether you like or dislike it?

Honestly speaking, I enjoyed watching it because I am able to learn something new regarding the different kinds of syndromes.  Based upon that I have done some research related to various syndromes. I am still learning about it because it has made a huge impact in my heart and I am praying god that none of the individuals should face this kind of syndrome in their lifetime.

Explain why it made you think a lot.

Generally, the play in which I see where a doctor determines the disease with 10 seconds in what the patient is suffering.  This made me think, how can a doctor be more accurate about the results which he found out. It directly shows us the passion which he had in his career. Though he has faced many hurdles, he overcomes and makes a place in every person’s heart. I take this as an encouragement for me to reach the goal and passion for my career.

This is the end of speaking cue-card: (Describe a film that made you think a lot.)

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5 thoughts on “Describe a Film that Made You Think a Lot.”

  1. I have watched many movies, however the one that captured my mind was ‘ Kesari’. The film was produced by Karan Johar in the year 2019. It is a patriotic movie where Akshay Kumar is playing a leading role of a Sikh Warrior. It educates the world about ‘battle of saragarhi’ that took place in 1897 between British rule and Afghan tribesmen. The soldiers who played heroic role in the movie were all turbaned sikhs who were led by Ishar Singh to fight bravely till death.
    Truly speaking, I had never visited the cinema hall before watching this film and this was the first movie I saw in the Kiran theatre located in sector 17 Chandigarh along with my family and friends. Actually my uncle advised my father to visit the theatre to enjoy the visual experience of an action movie. As my dad like admiring courageous sikh warriors, he was easily convinced to watch this movie in the theatre. The film Kesari left such an impression that our whole family kept admiring about it for the next 2 days. I really loved this film because I learnt about brave Warriors and their personal lives. The movie demonstrated a lot about Lionheart soldiers.
    The best thing about it that left me dumbstruck was how only 21 Sikh soldiers of British Indian Army fought bravely with 10,000 tribesmen. I was really astonished by their courage and war skills.

  2. Mr. Swetang Patel

    I am passionate about watching various films including action, drama, comedy, romantic etc. In fact in my free time, I love to watch my favourite films and pass the time. Today, I would like to describe a film which made me impressed and I was intrigued about making of that film. This is none of other than Jurassic Park III which is third sequence of the movie. I had an opportunities to watch this movie before two years in the cinema house at the time of released, when my kids insisted me to watch.

    Me and my whole family went to theatre which was newly opened in my home town and located at outskirt of the town, with having all entertainment amenities along with enjoying the film. I booked tickets in advance, in order to avoid long queue and selected evening show, so that we enjoy other facilities after come back from watching a film.

    Initially I thought, only kids would love this movie due to precedent animals and characters. However, I was wrong myself and stunned while watching movies. I was not able to blink my eyes even a second, in order to miss the single scene of the movie. The narration of story was not allowed me to stand from my chair and I didn’t know where I have passed my two hours, seeing the films. Not only me, but also my kids enjoyed a lot, even after few days, they insisted me again to watch the same movie again. From this you can imagine, how much me and my children liked that movie.

    While watching a movie, I was thinking that how team of creators made dinosaurs and each and every movement of the animals that look like real. Because there is no real such creatures presence in this world. Also, I intrigued about some scenes where the actor of the films jumping from mountains and hanging below flying helicopter. Such action scenes are unimaginable, and it shows real dangerous stunt by the character of the film. Apart from this, I am still eager to know that how beautiful the forest was where unknown creatures and human were living and surviving in the first part of the film. Finally, I found that this is because of modern technologies and I would like to thanks to creative human mind who made such unforgettable film with animated technologies.

    At last, I would like to say it was the most memorable film which I have seen ever, and it is also included in the list of my favorite films.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Mr. Swetang Patel

  3. balvinder kaur

    Well watching movies is one of my favorite leisure time activities and I love to watch movies with a unique story line. Here I would like to talk about the Pollywood movie “Ardass Karaan”. In this, my favorite actor played “Gippy Grewal” played a role. The story of the film has been inspired by real-life situations. It very beautifully brought a very common problem prevailing since ages, called the generation gap, and how it affected both the elders and the youngster of the family. At the same time, as the story moved ahead, it told you that life is meant to be lived and loved. It did not matter how many years you lived, what counts is how you lived. This message was not common in Punjabi movies, but it was what Gippy has tried to convey through his work. I watched this movie with my cousin in Prime Hub mall. Both of us enjoyed a lot by clicking photographs when the movie was over. I really liked this movie because this movie gave inspiration to youngsters that they should respect their elders. It made me think a lot because I have seen in this movie that the generation gap problem is increasing day by day due to the adoption of western culture. Therefore, in this movie, I was thinking of how to eradicate the problem of the generation gap.

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