Describe a Foreign Film You Like Watching: Speaking Cue Card

Describe a foreign film you like Watching; You should say

  • What film it was?
  • Who the actors were?
  • When you watched it?
  • Why did you enjoy this film?

Sample 1  Describe a Foreign Film You Like Watching

People like to watch movies in a theatre or at home. Movies entertain people, and people feel stress-free after watching them. There are different kinds of movies. Some are related to Hollywood, and others are related to Bollywood. I would like to speak about a movie I watched two years ago.

It was based on Robert Browning’s novel The Last ride together. I don’t know the characters in the movie as they were imaginary. I watched this movie with my husband two years ago. The movie was one-sided love. In the movie, the lover loved his beloved very much, but the beloved was unaffected by the love of his lover.

She was totally ignorant about him. Her marriage got fixed, but the lover wanted to take the last ride so that he could collect some memories. He was happy that she agreed to go with him for a last ride. I enjoyed this movie because it had mixed feelings.

The lover was brave and intelligent. He didn’t force her but persuaded her to join him. The most entertaining thing was when green spaces and the waterfall surrounded both; colourful creatures maintained my interest.

A part of the day when the lover played a strange game with his beloved. I was taken aback to listen by his request to go to the past through a time machine so that he could express his love before his marriage.

Both drank pious nectar and became immortal; then, the lover felt he would love her forever as they both would be living more years on this planet. So it’s a kind of blend of science and fiction that thing made me feel more happy with this kind of movie, so that was a time when I watched this film, and I really appreciated who made it.

Sample 2 Describe a Foreign Film You Like Watching

I love to watch foreign films. I have watched several movies previously, but today I want to talk about one series, which is on AIR Worldwide. The name is Money Heist; this is a trailer series with a combination of comedy, action, drama etc.

This is a Spanish series where Alberto, a Spanish actor, plays a professor role. We can say the mastermind of all heists. During the lockdown, when all the cinema halls were shut down that time, we watched it on Netflix.

Because we didn’t have any option to want outside for a movie, we decided to watch some action and drama movies online, but unfortunately, we found it. It had a total of five series. When I watched the first series, then my wife and I fell in love with this series, and we can say that we got addicted to it, and now we are waiting for 6 season, which is about to release.

The main script of this movie which hooks the audience series by series, is quite interesting. In the main scene, when all the thieves are busted by cops at that time a professor plays a mind game and gets everyone released. in the last I will recommend everyone to watch this series because I know if someone starts watching it, he will never stop until all the series get finished.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Foreign Film You Like Watching

Question 1:- What do you think makes a good actor?

Answer 1:- Good actor is appreciated for his hard labour, influential personality as well as acting. Moreover, he is also considered good if he behaves well with his fans.

Answer 2:- There are many things which make a person a good actor; for instance, looks, acting, voice etc., these are the things which people like most. And if an actor wants to impress the audience, he has to be kind-hearted and do social activities like charity work.

Question 2:- What are some of the characteristics that an actor needs to have?

Answer 1:- Actor must be a good human being. He must know that he will be imitated ifDescribe a Foreign Film You Like Watching; he acts well before the public. An actor can inspire even a criminal to become a civilized person.

Answer 2:- A number of quality is popular among people; as I said before, he is kind-hearted and likes to do charity work; secondly, he can impress with his voice and drama. For example, Akshay Kumar is popular globally due to his work, and he donates 45% of his income to charity work.

Question 3:- Have movies changed over the years? How have they changed?

Answer 1:- Yes, movies have changed over the years. Now there are more animated 2d and 3d movies which are appreciated by a large gathering. Special effects are used in the movie, which makes a movie unique from others.

Answer 2:- Yes, we can say that the reason behind this is that when new cinema was introduced at that time, it was available in backend white seven decades ago. For the past seven years, we have been able to watch movies in colour and 3D versions, so we can say the industry is changed.

Question 4:- Do you think movies will continue to be popular with people in the future?

Answer 1:- Yes, movies will be popular in the future among people because these entertain the public, and people feel that they are not alone in this world, free from poverty, pain, and many other things. People can pay any cost if it entertains them.

Answer 2:- No, I do, nowadays web series are getting so much popular the reason behind this is that if someone wants to watch a movie he has to spend 1000 to 2000 rupees one time if he is going with his family, but nowadays there are a number of popular apps OTT platforms which are offering a membership there we can watch a number of series and daily episodes within this budget.

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