TALK about an indoor game that you liked to play when

TALK about an indoor game that you liked to play when you were a child
You should say:
  1. what the game was

  2. where you played it

  3. who played this game with you

  4. explain why you enjoyed playing this game.

what the game was

Being a gamer I’ve always been passionate about playing distinct games whether they were indoor or outdoor. For me, playing games is the best stress buster and rejuvenation activity which gives me a golden opportunity to break the daily monotony of my packed schedule and to have a whale of a time with my kith and kins. When I was a child, I was really into playing a wide range of indoor games such as playing cards, carroms, board games like ludo, chess, snakes, and ladders to name but a few.

where you played it

Today I’m going to talk about my favorite childhood game that I played inordinately in my formative years.

The name of this game is Snakes and Ladders. Basically, it is a board game and I received it as a present on my 5th birthday. I vividly remember that not only was  I bouncing off the walls at that particular time, but I was also on the cloud nine to see my favorite game in my hands.

who played this game with you

My parents taught me the ABC of snakes and ladders. Although it wasn’t a piece of cake for me to understand the algorithm and rules and regulations of that game, after practicing a lot it became an easy-peasy task for me. I used to play this game in the drawing-room in the evening when all family members were free from their hectic schedules. We all take our tokens and start playing it.

explain why you enjoyed playing this game.

Though for most of the children it would be fun and a fantastic game, I must say that it improved my intellectual level significantly. In fact, If I hadn’t played this game inordinately, I wouldn’t have been able to learn 1 to 100 numbers by the age of 6. Moreover, my parents also taught me some crucial life lessons from this game. They said our life is full of ups and downs just like ladders that can take u up and snakes that can bring u down but we mustn’t relinquish despite the complexity of the situation. 

Nowadays, being a technophile, I have downloaded this game on my mobile phone and whenever I get leisure time I always grab that golden opportunity to relish my childhood memories with my bosom friends. In the future, I’m completely sure that this game would remain my favorite game of my life.


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