Describe a Time When You Had to Wait in a Long Queue/line

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Describe a Time When You Had to Wait in a Long Queue/line. You should say:

  • when it was
  • how long was the queue/line was
  • what it was about
  • and explain how you felt about waiting in this long queue or line.

Well, there are many times, when people stand in a queue to pay the electricity bill, for purchasing grocery as well as purchasing tickets from the bus station or railway station. Similarly happened to me when I went to watch a movie and stood in a line for 2 hours. Before that, I had no intention to watch a movie alone, but it was Sunday as I was free from my work responsibilities, so one of my friends suggested watching a movie. It was hard for me to find the company of my friends because all were busy. Moreover, online booking was impossible, so I had to stand in a queue to purchase a ticket. Luckily my mobile phone was with me, and there was a great rush, but I wanted to make use of that day, so I thought not to go back and watch the movie.

It was complicated for me to stand in a queue because of the scorching heat of the Sun as well as I have no one to company me, so I stood in a line and to pass my time I watched some videos on my mobile phone, but I couldn’t watch more because people were staring at me l. So I had to suspend all my activities, and I really waited for two hours to purchase a ticket, and when in the afternoon I got it, I took a sigh of relief. Since then, I decided not to go in person to purchase tickets, but advance booking might be a good option, so that was when I had to stand in a queue.

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Part 3 Questions Describe a Time When You Had to Wait in a Long Queue/line.

Question 1:- What do people like to do while waiting in line?

Community Well people do a lot of things when they are in a line like to kill their time, they use mobile phones and play games on it. Sometimes they make a call to their loved ones and talk for long hours. Moreover, they listen to music by wearing headphones so that others can’t get disturbed.

Question 2:- Do Indian people often wait in the queue?

Yes of course Indian people wait in a queue. The Stand in a line to pay the electricity bills, purchasing a ticket from a bus station or railway station. Picking up a friend from the airport or any other place is a common activity of the people. So they do wait in line.

Question 3:- Do you think technology development has reduced the time people have to wait in queues?

Yes, technology has reduced the waiting time of the people like people used to stand in a queue to pay their electricity bill and another kind of payments. But now they can do the whole work online. Moreover, withdrawing money from the bank was a tedious task for people in the past but now they have ATMs so they can withdraw or transfer at any time.

Question 4:- What do you think who cut in line or Jump the queue?

Well, when people are in haste and they want to save their time and at that time they jump the queue or cut the line. Moreover, people don’t have patience so they think to utilise that time in doing other kinds of work instead of standing in a queue.

Question 5:- How can companies improve their customer service?

Companies can arrange a good sitting arrangement for their customers so that if there would be a need to stand in a queue then they can wait for their turn and there will be no chaos at that place. Moreover speeding up the work is another option and hiring more personnel for the smooth running of the work is an ideal option.

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