Describe a Good Decision You Made Recently.

Describe a good decision you made recently.

You should say:

  • What it was
  • When you made it
  • What the result was
  • And explain how you felt about it

Sample Answer of the Cue Card Describes a good decision you made recently.

Well, a good decision can make the life of a person while a wrong decision can spoil his or her life. So, making decisions is a very crucial task. It was the time when I had to make a decision about my career. I was joining a job.

I was in a dilemma either continuing my job or studying. In the end, I chose my career and enrolled in a college. It was really a good decision. Though I thought a lot; but with the guidance of my husband, I continued my further education.


It was a good decision that I had ever made without delaying much. I came off flying colors in my post-graduation and I felt on top of the world. I think making wise decisions is really a need for the experience and guidance of elders. Now, I think if I had not taken this decision, things would have been different.

Having more money and less free time is better than earning

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  1. Deepthi Chandrika

    Last week all of our bosom friends planned for a small reunion. They have suddenly organized the meet in a week and finalized the place. I am a person who is not attracted to beaches, and I feel that the humidity and saltiness in the air irritate me as well as my nostrils.

    My close pals called me up and asked to gather in gulf street, the tip of our city, which overlooks the vast coastal region. I was hesitant to give the nod as I Knew I would not be comfortable to go there. Hence I gave false news that I have got up to catch up with my boss to not come to the meeting.

    Finally, the day arrived, and We came to know that there would be a cyclone in the coming days through the weather forecast in the news. I ranged up all my friends to cancel their plan as it is not the right time to hold a happy reunion. I could not tell, and It was a bad sign, so please do not go near the beach.

    However, everyone turned a deaf ear to my advice. Later the very cam to know that few friends met and became thoroughly drenched in the rain. Due to the heavy showers that started in the late evening, a few parts of the city got flooded. Consequently, they could not reach their homes and were kept in shelter places until the next morning.

    I thanked my stars and my intuition for warning me not to go to the party. Few friends got high fevers and suffered severe headaches owing to their exposure to rain. It was the right decision I made, and I was blissful that I did not step out of my home.

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