Describe an Event You Attended in Which You Didn’t Like the Music Played

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Describe an Event You Attended in Which You Didn’t Like the Music Played.

You should say

  • What was the event?
  • Where were you?
  • What music was like?
  • And explain why you didn’t like the music?

Sample Answer of Describe an Event You Attended in Which You Didn’t Like the Music Played

Events are the part and parcel in our life some function produces joy, happiness, and pleasure where some bring tears. Last week I was in Surat city of Gujarat for attending a baby shower event, where all age people invited and everything was pitched perfectly from decoration to dessert. It was my sister’s friend baby shower so I was attending be-half of her presence due to her unavailability.

I was noticing everything meticulous as I had a keen interest in such events so. However, the music system was very noisy and loud as people in India prefer sounds in any event though the music was not up to the mark as it was playing very outdated songs and hardly even listen by individuals.

However, I asked one of the members to keep shuffle and switch to new tracks so people could have fun and enjoyment. But retro was not more popular among the young so the event is also quite boring. Although we were guests so somehow we all might have managed to escape from that day.

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2 thoughts on “Describe an Event You Attended in Which You Didn’t Like the Music Played”

  1. Sunil kumar

    There was an event in my college. It’s our fresher party and I was there at the party. The music was english, mostly they were playing english songs and i wasn’t fond of english songs that time. Actually i wasn’t good enough in english that time and hardly listened to any english music in my life. I really want to dance during that time but due to that kind of music I couldn’t dance. I asked the musician so many times to put on bollywood music but he was all busy playing the request of our college faculty and other students who were my seniors. That was really a bad experience for me as it was full of disappointment for me that day.

  2. Jass Sekhon

    I love listen music. Music is way of get rid of from stress and daily work. It refreshed our mind. Now, I talk about a moment when a listen music and I felt very boor. It is related to Hindu religion. We’ll there was a my friend’s wedding on 3rd July. They invited to me and my family.
    Before the day of marriage we Riched over there and I saw all the preparations were so good. There was a great husal busal and all the ceremony’s were performed step by step. Well when the jago ceremony was perform all the family members, relative and villagers whom they invited were started dancing on the floor, but I did not enjoy that moment because I really don’t like listen to Hindu music which were played on the jago ceremony.
    I felt boor also other family members enjoy the moment. To made my friend hapy, I had to danced with her on such booring music. After stayed little bit time over there I was just started to return back home, her parents started convence to me for stay one night at their home, but it was very difficult for me to stay in that atmosphere. I come back to home and I felt relaxed return back home.

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