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Describe a mistake you once made in your life

Describe a mistake you once made in your life.
You should say:
1 What mistake it was
2 How you made this mistake
3 When it was and explain
4 How it affected you.

sample answer of (Describe a mistake you once made in your life):

Mistakes are a common part of one’s life and I feel that if you have  not done a mistake  means you have not learned anything in your lifetime

This incident took place when I was pursuing my higher education and I remember I am studying in the 7 standards. I always use to have a flair towards history and geography as it would excite me to learn about the past. However, history came along with an additional subject of civics and political science in it. I used to feel not so comfortable subject. During our semester exams in one of the essays, I have written that the father of Sonia Gandhi is Rajiv Gandhi. To date, I feel what made me write this, and why did I commit this mistake as I’m well aware that it was congress ruling the country at that time and Sonia Gandhi is a well known political figure.

My teacher has called me in private and questioned me y did u do this and asked for my explanation for which neither I had a solution to explain her. I still feel this was the blunder I did in my school days. May be the exam stress or mere confusion of the facts must be the reason behind my mistake, yet I did not feel disheartened but learned more new things and was inclined toward learning political news moreover have scored well in the next exam.

Even though it was a silly mistake it used to haunt me for many days y have I committed one and astonishing there was no answer for myself. From that instance, I used to more cautious whenever I was including facts during writing.


1 what can we learn from our mistakes?

There can be a lot to grab from a mistake. A famous saying quotes don’t be afraid to commit mistakes every day but make sure you do a new one. We should never stop ourselves from doing new things as we may commit mistakes as brain captures from it what is right and what is wrong.

2. Do children make mistakes easily?

yes, I agree that kids do make silly errors on a daily basis as it’s their learning age and we as parents should not curb them or insult them when do they mistake.

3. What should parents do if their children make mistakes?

as a good parent first of al encourages kids to try something new every time that’s when we are getting their creative skills out secondly in case they do any mistake we should involve and make them learn from the mistakes. It is beneficial for the children as it shapes them behaviourally and physically. Most of the time their cognitive skills also brighten up when they learn personally from their own committed errors.

This is the end of speaking( Describe a mistake you once made in your life)

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