Describe a Museum That You Have Visited Speaking Cue Card

Describe a museum that you have visited. You should say:

  • when you visited the museum
  • describe the museum
  • how do you feel after going there
  • and describe your experience of the visit.

Sample 1 Describe a museum that you have visited Speaking Cue Card

On this occasion, I would like to tell you about museums. At first, I thought visiting museums was a waste of time and boring. But, nowadays, I have to change my opinion about it. Well, I have visited a few museums in different cities. I enjoyed visiting “Lawang sewu” or thousand doors in Semarang the most. I went to the museum almost two years ago while we were in Semarang. Visiting the museum was not a part of our original tour plan, yeah, just in leisure time. Actually, We visited this area for a different reason, because we went to Semarang as representatives, part of a scholarship program in my City. I went there with six of my friends and a guide who accompanied me during the tour. To be honest, two of my friends were not interested in visiting that museum as they had gone there before. But I insisted on going there and convinced them by saying that if you did not enjoy it, I would pay for breakfast! They agreed, and I was really happy about it. After I had bought entrance tickets, I entered the museum, and there was a wide garden in front of it that mesmerized me. At that very time, I realized that the inside would be more astonishing. This place was far larger than I initially thought it would be. There were three floors in the museum, and the interior of the building reminded me of the colonial era. I could see a lot of doors of the building from the ground floor. There were a lot of tourists, both domestic and international, visiting this museum and I had a feeling that most of them were enjoying it. Taking photos was allowed as well, so sometimes I took some snaps with my friends almost hundreds of times!

Sample 2 Describe a museum that you have visited Speaking Cue Card

Well, I am fond of Interested to travel to new places. I always love to travel the places. In my perspective, travelling is the best way to utilize their quality time with friends. But today here I would like to talk about a time when I visited a museum. Actually, I remember last Sunday I and my family members decided to visit the first-E-Khalsa museum which was situated in Anandpur sahib. It was very popular. Furthermore, It was a huge building. It was approximately 200km far away from my hometown. It describes the Sikh religious history. This museum used a large amount of technology to interact with the visitors. There are a number of amenities available in this museum, such as the air conditioner rooms and the water facilities for individuals who visit the museum. Apart from it, in this museum, many states are situated. In this museum, 3D videos are presented of the Sikh religion as well as many types of weapons and clothes available here. I feel over the moon after visiting the museum. Adding more, in this museum one souveniers shop is also there where you can see the many religious things which describe the culture and history of the museum. It was a very interesting place. I recommend it to everyone who visits this museum.

Part 3 Questions Describe a museum that you have visited Speaking Cue Card

Question 1:- How often do you visit museums?

Answer 1:- Actually, I went to a museum two years ago, so it’s been a long time. Because, during this pandemic situation, this historical place could not be visited.

Answer 2:- No, I do not usually visit the museum. After that, during the school holidays, I and my kith and kins visited the museum by car. Apart from it, I am fond of interested in visiting the new places as well as I love to religious places because it describes my tradition.

Question 2:- What type of museum is popular in your country?

Answer 1:- Here, in Surabaya, people still believe in mystical stuff, so the most popular place is the health museum. In this place, we could find a lot of witch tools in the past.

Answer 2:- Well, there are a number of museums available in my nation. Apart from it, in my country the Virsat-E-Khalsa museum is famous. It is situated in Anandpur sahib. After that every Sunday I visit their with my kith and kins as well as I always like to religious places because it describes my culture.

Question 3:- What do you think of the importance of museums in history?

Answer 1:- Well, as we know, Indonesia gained its independence in 1945. After the colonial era, younger people mostly forgot about the past how hard the ancestors fought to get this, so this is the role of museums, to keep protecting and reminding us about history.

Answer 2:- Well, the museums are well popular in my country because it describes the history and tradition of the country. Apart from it, like as virsat-E-Khalsa museum is famous in my country. After that, the museum plays a part and parcel role in my nation. Because with the help of museums people can get the knowledge about any religion.

Question 4:- What do you think of the heritage of a country?

Answer 1:- In my opinion, the heritage of the country has an important role in giving the knowledge of the youth about the past. Let’s say, In Indonesia, we can find Batik and Prambanan temple as the heritage, so it’s about the culture that has been given from the past.

Answer 2:- Honestly speaking, I have no knowledge about your question. In my perspective, the heritage of the nation means to describe the culture and tradition of the country. Apart from it, my nation is also famous for its heritage.

Question 5:- Compare museums nowadays and in the past!

Answer 1:- This is an interesting task, well actually I’m not sure about that, since I am a mathematics educator in the school, so never touch the historical place so often, but if I have to say, maybe the facilities of today’s museum will be more comfortable than in the past, there would be an addition to make the visitor feel comfortable to enter, such as the air conditioner, amazing lighting, and others.

Answer 2:- Well, in the salad days of the millennium, due to the advancement of technology, the museum is well maintained as compared to the past. After that, these days the museum building is huge, and rooms are also well conditioner. Apart from that, in the museum, there are a number of amenities available. But in the past the museum buildings are small and the lack of some facilities rather than the present.

Question 6:- Have you ever been to a foreign museum?

Answer 1:- Until now, I have never gone to the International Museum. But if I had a chance, I would go there, that would be nice for me to enhance my knowledge as well.

Answer 2:- No, I not have been visited the overseas Museums. Apart from it, I have a little bit of knowledge about foreign countries due to the advancement of technology. After that, I get a chance I will definitely visit there in the foreign museum.

Question 7:- What are the tourist attractions in your City?

Answer 1:- In general, we have several interesting places for tourists here. I will tell you about the most popular place, and it is a ski area. In here, we have tropical weather, so something about winter and snow would become encourage more people to visit in.

Answer 2:- Well, there are numerous tourist places in my nation. Apart from that many visitors also come here for enjoying the tourist places.

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