Describe a Party You Attended During New Year Days

Describe a party you attended during new year days

  • whose party it was?
  • where the party was held and who went to it?
  • what do people do during the party?

Sample 1

I am a party lover, especially in the new year. The preparation starts a month before that. Every year we organize a party at any of our friend’s homes. I enjoy all-new year parties, but I can not forget the new year party of 2018, which was quite a unique experience for me. Generally, I plan all new year parties within our city; however, the 2018 new year party I attended in Goa and it was a wonderful experience.

The party was organized by my college friend Sameer, and it was attended by all of our batch mates. This party was full of music. We started dancing at around 8 pm and continued the same till 2 Am. As this party was attended by all our college batchmates, hence we all were of the same age and had a lot of fun. We were making a joke about each other and teasing each other. The food was delicious, especially the seafood; it was mouthwatering.

There were other people also enjoying their new year party on the same beach. All people want to take some time out of their busy schedule so that they can have some good moments in their life and they can relax. Parties are the best solution for this purpose, and that is the reason people wants to attend parties. Dancing to songs makes you feel relaxed and also aid in your physical exercise, which automatically improves your mood. People love eating, dancing and drinking at parties.

This party was unforgettable to me as this was the first new year party I attended outside my hometown. We had a wonderful stay during that party in Goa. It was planned for 2 days 2 nights initially, and however, later it was extended to 4 days 5 nights. I also recommended my cousins to go and attend the new year party in Goa, if possible, because Goa is famous for its new year parties and during this time all the hotels in Goa are mostly booked. They increased their price also in December. This is the main tourist season of Goa.

Sample 2

New year eve is the most celebrating day all over the world. It is a day on which a new era will start. All people make a prediction for the upcoming year it may be a happier or sad one for all people. Everyone does planning and wishes to fulfil in the new year. On a new year night, great parties will be organized by friends and family, and different shows will be organized to celebrate that night. Dancing lights, fountains and firecrackers are arranged to make this night more memorable.

This year, we celebrate new year night in a different way. We make a plan to go to the hill area and celebrate there our new year party. I go ahead with my friends at night of thirty-first December and way to northern areas. The journey has too much fun and enjoyment with cold weather. We reached Murree at 11:55 pm only five minutes are left in the countdown of the new year.

We reached the party destination, where music, firecrackers, dancing lights and meal were organized for more other people and us. After some time, the new year countdown started, everyone noticed the clock TikTok and numbering loudly from ten to zero. The new year, a great loud is produced by the people, firecrackers are blasted, and the fun starts. New year cake is cut by the organizer, and dancing light performance starts. It is the most memorable and enjoyable night.

Follow-ups of Describe a Party You Attended During New Year Days

Question 1:- Do children like to party?

Answer 1:- Children love parties, especially birthday parties. They love the decorations such as balloons. Children love to eat cake during birthdays parties. Nowadays people use to plan a lot of activities for children during birthday parties to keep them busy and entertained.

Answer 2:- Parties are the source of fun and enjoyment with family and friends with a lot of favourite food items. Children play games and have fun. Parties are more enjoyed by children.

Question 2:- Do adults like to party?

Answer 1:- Adults love to party, as this is the way of getting relaxed from their busy life. Otherwise, all are busy in their personal life and office works. Nowadays, we all are running in a rat race, and everyone wants to get a relay. Parties are the best solution to achieve this.

Answer 2:- Well, parties are liked by all age groups, but it should be according to their choice. Youngsters are profound of parties, mostly the night parties.

Question 3:- Do you like loud music at parties?

Answer 1:- Yes, I do love loud music at a party. When music is played loud, then everyone wants to dance to its beats. However, it does harm to the environment and neighbourhood persons. Hence it shall be avoided during late night. hence the government has mandated law in my home country to restrict the use of loudspeakers after 10 Pm

Answer 2:- A party without music is considered to be impossible. I like rock music, full of energy. Rock music at parties claims as providing energy to the party fellow to make more fun.

Question 4:- What types of parties do people have?

Answer 1:- People have many sorts of parties. Youngsters have parties with dance, drinking, eating etc. they used to have parties in pubs, discos and open areas as well. However, Older people prefer drinking, eating and slow music. They used to have a lot of talks with each other during the parties. Older people are not much interested in dancing.

Answer 2:- Parties may be occasional and national celebrations. These parties are more advanced according to the present era.

Question 5:- Why are parties important?

Answer 1:- Parties are very important to bust out the stress, which developed in today’s lifestyle. We face a lot of stress, which may be from personal life or traffic or professional life. Everyone is running in the rat race and want to relax. Partying is the way to come out of our normal stressful life.

Answer 2:- Nowadays, life is too much busy no one has to spend time with each other. Parties are the mode of gathering among friends and family members to share their experiences and time with each other. Party provide the occasion to come close to each other.

Question 6:- Do you think parties will become more popular in the future?

Answer 1:- Yes, as we move forward in future, we are becoming more ambitious. Ambition is good, but over-ambition is harmful and increases stress. To release that stress we do party, where we can enjoy the moment and relax. Hence I believe that futuristic life will be more stressful, and people will find ways to party a lot. Hence this trend is going to increase further in future.

Answer 2:- Well, in my notion, parties required extra time and money to be spent. With the passage of time, parties became less popular because life was too much busy. And, people having the shorage of income with facing country issues.

Question 7:- Do people spend a lot of money on these parties in your country?

Answer 1:- People spends a lot in arranging these parties. Booking the venue itself is a huge cost and is not everyone’s cup of tea. Arranging other facilities such as caterers & DJ also include huge cost. Arranging parties is no doubt a costly affair. In my home country, people used to spend a lot of amount on arranging these parties. Some people also want to show off and make extraordinary arrangements, which will increase the cost and capital expenditure.

Answer 2:- This era is the era of competition among people. They concur to spend more than their income to standardize their lifestyle. People spend more and more money on arranging parties and meals.

Question 8:- What are the main reasons why people organise family parties in your country?

Answer 1:- We have family parties in my country for various reasons. These include wedding ceremonies, Birthday parties, New-Born baby parties etc. These parties are organized to spread happiness among all relatives and known people. Also nowadays all relatives are staying apart in different parts of the country. Hence these parties give the reason for clubbing together and meeting with each other after a long time.

Answer 2:- I belong to Pakistan, people of my country are more friendly and greeted. They mainly organize family parties because it is a time when every family member share their personal interest with each other and the meal together.

Question 9:- Are there many differences between family parties and parties given by friends? Why do you think this is?

Answer 1:- There is very much difference between family parties and parties given by friends. As both types of parties have a different purposes. Family parties have a purpose to meeting your relative and spreading happiness among family members for a particular occasion or achievement. These parties include dancing and delicious meals. At the same time, Parties given by friends includes dancing, drinking and mouthwatering meals. In my home country, we do not take drinks along with family members. Hence parties given by friends are special to us.

Answer 2:- Parties are of different types as family parties and friend parties. Family parties have some limitations because of respect for elders but are enjoying one. However, friend parties have no limitations. In friendship, there is no sorry no, thankyou.

Question 10:- Who tends to enjoy national celebrations more: young people or old people? Why?

Answer 1:- I believe that both generations enjoy national celebrations very much. The way of enjoyment may be different, but the feeling of celebration is always the same about the nation where young people sways the flag or take the same on the bike for a long ride. However, older people put the flag symbol on their shirts to represent their happiness on the national celebration. There might be different ways for national celebration. However, the feeling will remain the same in both younger and older generations.

Answer 2:- National celebrations are great days for the nation. The whole nation should be motivated to enjoy these days. But, nowadays national celebrations are more enjoyed by adults. They arrange parties, functions at school, colleges etcetera. This trend in adults is more because of more awareness and due to using excessive multimedia.

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