Describe Someone You Really Like to Spend Time With

Describe someone you really like to spend time with

  • Who this person is?
  • How do you know him/her?
  • What do you usually do together?
  • And explain why you like to spend time with him/her?

Sample Answer of Describe Someone You Really Like to Spend Time With

I would like to spend my time with one of my college friends Sameer. He is my best friend, and we have so many shared memories. He is so polite and helpful. I like his sense of humour a lot. We used to travel along for our college. His house was close to mine, and we used to go to each other’s house.

Most of the habits are the same. Whenever we met, we used to go to eat outside. Our favourite dish is kachori. We have tried so many kachori shops in Jaipur. Jodhpurs sweet shop is our favourite destination. During college, we used to spend most of our time in the IT lab. It was fun to miss our class and go to the IT lab. We used to download a lot of software and wallpaper for our computer.

I prefer to spend time with Sameer because most of our habits are the same. We both are technology-oriented people, and we love to share knowledge with each other. He is a very supportive and calm person. He is a good listener, so whenever I have something to share, He is the best person to talk with.


Follow-ups Describe Someone You Really Like to Spend Time With

Question 1:- How many generations usually live together in your country?

Answer:- Earlier there were 3 to 4 generations used to keep together in my country. However, nowadays, due to changes in trends and lifestyle, Most families are nuclear. Only 2 generation lives together at max, after that they start to divide and live in their own house.

Question 2:- Is it important to visit family members?

Answer:- Yes, it is very important to meet family members and share your feelings. Family members shall be included in all ceremonies, and they shall meet on a regular basis to avoid any gaps. However, it is difficult for family members who are living in a different area, which is far away. But they shall try to meet at least once a year.

Question 3:- What are the values of family in your country?

Answer:- In my country, the families are very traditional, and they still follow all their traditional rituals. They teach children to respect older people by touching their feet. They are not allowed to talk to their parent in a higher tone. They are taught to live in harmony with their brothers and sisters as a part of the family. They are also informed to respect their teacher. They are advised to be well behaved in from of guests and treat the guest with great importance.

Question 4:- Why is family bonding necessary for happiness in life?

Answer:- Family bonding is required, especially in today’s generation where most of the people are living in a far distant area from their family members. In today’s busy and stressed life, Family bonding is best to relieve that stress. Meeting with your family members and spending time with them will give your the energy to fight the world. Family gives confidence and stands as support whenever there is something required. Increased communication between family members improves their bonding, which is very much necessary in a Family to keep them united. Hence family bonding is required to keep members connected with each other.

Question 5:- Do you think the support from a friend is different from the support from a family member?

Answer:- Yes, it is. Support from a family member boost your confidence, and you feel it is your right. However, support from a friend doesn’t give you a feel of right. Moreover, it gives you a feeling that you need to pay back that support whenever the opportunity arrives. Hence family support is way different from friend’s support.

Question 6:- What kinds of people are easy to get along with?

Answer:- Extrovert people are easy to mix and get along with. They are more opportunistic and can easily be connected. However, the introvert type of people is difficult to connect with as they are shyer and are not easy to bond with.

Question 7:- How do leaders get along with their subordinates?

Answer:- by way of communication and approachability. A leader shall have no communication gap with their subordinates. Moreover, they shall be easily approachable so that any sub-ordinate can approach them whenever required. A leader shall also organize team-building events to enhance the bonding of all sub-ordinates. The leader shall directly talk to their subordinates by going to them at their workplace. A leader shall mix with their sub-ordinate as a team member and work together to achieve the goal.

Question 8:- Do people have time for themselves nowadays?

Answer:- I believe that people are busier nowadays because they do not have time for themselves and their family members. This is because of the fast pace life we are living today. The office load and timings are very lengthy. To meet the targets, people use to spend extra time in office and will have no much time left for themselves. It is like a rat race.

Question 9:- Do you like talking with older people? Why?

Answer:- Yes, I love to. My belief is that older people are a rich collection of their life experiences, and we can learn so much from them. They have lived their entire life and learnt a lot, which we need to learn from them to improve our life. They are our assets, and we need to respect and give importance to them. That life experience we can not learn from anywhere else.

Question 10:- At work or in school do you think people need to help each other?

Answer:- yes, people need to help each other wherever the need arises. We all are human beings, and no one is superior. We all need to help each other, and there is no shame in that. People shall respect everyone and shall offer them help if they are looking for it.

Question 11:- What is the value of teamwork?

Answer:- Teamwork is the key to success to achieve any goal. Teamwork ensures that if any of your team members fail to deliver the output, then the same shall be achieved by some other team member’s help. Your boat shall continue its journey irrespective of which of the team member is working. That is the main motto of teamwork.

Question 12:- What are the sources of pressure in people’s lives?

Answer:- The main source of pressure, what I believe, in today’s generation, is over-ambition. We are intended to achieve more and highly ambitious. We are over-stressing our physical and mental bodies to achieve those targets, which increase the stress level. Offices are giving huge targets with limited time, which increases the stress level of employees; they are losing work-life balance and having no physical activity to release that stress. Moreover, they do not have enough time to spend with family to talk and relax.

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