Describe a Person Who Contributes to Society

Describe a person who contributes to society. You should say:-

  • Who this person is?
  • How did you know him/her?
  • What type of work does he/she do?
  • And explain why you think he/she contributes to society?

Sample 1

I know a lot of people who have contributed and is still contributing to our society, but today I’d like to talk about Mr Freeman, who is in his early 30s and lives in South Korea. He’s my childhood friend and classmate. We have been friends and even to date. He’s an actor. He has featured in many Nigerian movies, such as my last breath, where he played a role of a young man who was the apple of the eye of his parents and his wicked uncle wanted to eliminate him because he’s the only child of his wealthy parents. The uncle’s intention was to inherit his father’s properties. Well, he’s an ambitious young man and has coordinated a lot of programs that have benefited a lot of people in my community. I think he has contributed to our community because as a young person who has single-handedly organized a talent show where young people showcased their talents and the winner of the show won a price and awards given to notable men of our community who has contributed their quota to the benefit of our people. Everyone heard and witnessed it as it was done online, and on the grand finale, it was done in the community centre. He’s contributed immensely and has helped a lot of young ones show their talents to our people and the world at large.

Sample 2

I am a person who contributes to society, and I do it by teaching. I am a teacher who focuses on helping blocked people to unleash themselves to speak in English and or Portuguese. I am a teacher who is always in contact with younger teachers to make clearer some issues in this art of teaching. I am a person who sits and explains to parents how they can help themselves to be happier and therefore build a happy (adult to be) kid. I volunteer at daycare, where I practice with the kids their abilities to keep track of their studies. And, I contribute by visiting the elderly at the shelter once a week to play some cards. I would like to thank you for this opportunity to see my own value.

Follow-ups of Describe a Person Who Contributes to Society

Question 1:- Do people nowadays help others more than in the past?

Answer 1:- Nope, the reverse is the case. While growing up in my countryside, when a child sees an older person with a load, the child gives assistance to the elderly, but now the days are evil that no child would want to help a stranger. By and large, people helped others more in the last few centuries.

Answer 2:- I believe people join groups to help during catastrophes nowadays, but not daily as in the past.

Question 2:- What types of people (parents, teachers, friends, etc.) are best to influence young people’s behaviour?

Answer 1:- General speaking, young people are supposed to emulate their parents, but in the 21st-century, parents are regarded as old and outdated, and it may be almost impossible to influence the jet age.

Answer 2:- I am an educator, and I think the parents should be the first role model to their kids. Unfortunately, the kids have been staying at daycare institutions, all day long school, more than with the parents. Besides that, those institutions are usually crowded, and the adults do not always have any interest in educating socially.

Question 3:- In what kind of professions do people help others more?

Answer 1:- I believe health professionals help each other more these days because they have to work as a team in other to provide holistic care to their patients and clients. This day you find a doctor helping a Nurse with her work just to give the best to humanity.

Answer 2:- People help, free of interest in small communities such as condos or groups of friends and brotherhoods.

Question 4:- What are some of the ways people can help others in the community? Which is most important?

Answer 1:- In the community, today, securing life and properties is paramount; in addition, it is helping the old and aged people who have little or no strength to care for themselves. Furthermore, the people living with disabilities are not to be left behind as they need people’s help to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

Answer 2:- It is difficult to offer a broad idea, but not so difficult to say about the city I live. People are collecting school material to help less financially blessed students. After that, some churches have room to offer support to study. (food, internet, counsellor).

Question 5:- Why do you think some people like to help other people?

Answer 1:- Generally, I think help is naturally in human nature to care and help each other. One may need help today, and tomorrow it could be another person. Though I believe some go the extra mile to help people because of their nature, and when they help, they become fulfilled and happy.

Answer 2:- I think they understand their lives as blessed, and then they tend to help others.

Question 6:- Some people say that people help others in the community more now than they did in the past. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

Answer 1:- Well, I disagree with the statement. These days because of the evil that happens, people are scared and sceptical about helping others. So I think people gave genuine assistance I’m the than now.

Answer 2:- I disagree because I see people getting together to help in emergencies but not in a sustainable way. I know no one who kept their parents contribute to an institution, as a hospital.

Question 7:- What types of services, such as libraries or health centres, are available to the people who live in your area? Do you think there are enough of them?

Answer 1:- The most popular service available for people in my area is healthcare services, and I still believe it’s not enough. People pay so high to maintain health here, and I think it should be subsidized so healthcare would be accessible to everyone. More so, we need more recreational installations and libraries to equip its citizens.

Answer 2:- I am sorry to share this news that the city’s library is closed. And, the last time I went there to donate, they dismissed me. There are health centres, but due to COVID 19, they are working with the minimum team.

Question 8:- Which groups of people generally need the most support in a community? Why?

Answer 1:- I think the children need the best support in our community. They are young and fragile, so they need all the support and training ever possible also because they are the future of tomorrow, and if we get it wrong with their training, then the future may be lost.

Answer 2:- The community, which needs more assistance in Brazil, is still the women, mostly not white ones, with less education and family structure because there is a culture of abuse, not only physical but monetary too.

Question 9:- who do you think should pay for the services that are available to the people in a community? Should it be the government or individual people?

Answer 1:- I suppose both should take part in paying for the services available for their citizens. Individuals pay to the government and so should be used to serve the people. Meanwhile, when an individual pays for the services rendered to them, it makes them more responsible.

Answer 2:- I think the government should be the more responsible one for it. Although I believe people should pay some money to feel that they deserve what they are getting. The government could pay the building expenses, the professionals and those who come to be attended could at least clean, bring some contribution to the area.

Question 10:- What type of people influence the young in your country?

Answer 1:- Like I rightfully said before, it’s the young people and mostly the celebrities People copy their lifestyle, and it trends everywhere.

Answer 2:- I think the youth has been under the internet influencers influence. They are the models.

Question 11:- Why it is important to have role models in our life?

Answer 1:- Role models are very beneficial in shaping one’s life. When one has a role model, it’s a kind of laid down steps to the person and if followed well most times pay well.

Answer 2:- A role model is a person we look up to follow the examples, and we do not want to shame them. They are for those who understand their value, a guru or a master. A role model is a light of hope.

Question 12:- Do you think the education system in your country influences young people’s behaviour?

Answer 1:- Yes, It does. Some students lose values their parents inculcated in them in school. They get influenced and corrupted by their peer group pressure. For example, are they those who join secret cults in school because of school influences, thereby leaving the virtues their parents inculcated in them?

Answer 2:- No. I think parents are a great influence. However, they are lost in this position. Most of them have already grown under digital surveillance, not under or with their parent’s help, love, and model. If parents do not model to respect the education system, students will not either.

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