Some People Believe that Everyone Has a Right to Have Access to University Education

Some people believe that everyone has a right to have access to University education and that government should make it free-for-all students no matter what financial background they have. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Education is a very important part of everyone’s life. Nowadays it is essential for everyone to get good and high education to become successful in life. Some people think that all people have the right to get a free University education and their financial background doesn’t matter for their study. In my honest opinion, I agree with this statement to a larger extent, and in some further, in further paragraphs, I will Express my opinion with logical facts and points.

First of all, good and quality higher education is the basic need of every people. After completing school, higher education, like University education, played a very significant role to make a successful career. Many people are not able to get this education because of some financial problem, and for that reason, they can’t get high-paid jobs. University education should make free of costs for everyone by the government so people can easily study without any hesitation And worry about fish while studying. So they can easily concentrate on their study and become successful in their life. As an epitome of me, so many Western countries and Arab countries such as Germany, Europe, Dubai, Israel already made University education free for the people of their country; because of that, the earning ratio of people of that country is higher than others.

Moreover, if the person gets higher University education and they get a high paid job, which is good for both country and the person, For example, the person gets a job in a multinational company, so it increases the economy of the country by spending money in their own country, and it fills up the cost of their free education which was given by the government as well, and a person can also happily live their life by earning handsome money.

On the other hand, giving free education to everyone is hard for the government. It takes lots of money to make University education free, of course for everyone, and it’s not possible for some poor countries such as Uganda, Zimbabwe. Moreover, if students get free education, then they can’t study in a good manner, and they don’t take education as serious.

In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that University education plays a major role in one’s life, and government should take the step to make University education free for everyone.

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