Describe a Person Who Impressed You the Most when You Were in Primary School

Describe a person who impressed you the most when you were in primary school. You should say

  • Who he/she is?
  • How did you know him/her?
  • Why he/she impressed you the most?
  • And how do you feel about him/her?

Sample 1 Describe a Person Who Impressed You the Most When You Were in Primary School

There were many people in my primary school, most of the teachers who I used to look up to for their strong communication with the children to understand each child’s ability and to help them shine. I was very impressed by my computer teacher in the 4th grade.

The computer was the new subject introduced in the 4th grade. During my childhood, we were not much acquainted with computers and technologies as they were not used the home and only people working in the job sector used to operate computers.

We used to have computer classes twice a week and were taught basic computer skills in the lab. Our teacher used to make us navigate the computer screens and tools and used to help us understand the concepts going to each desk.

I was very impressed by the teaching skill she used to be very empathetic towards us, as she knew we did not have hands-on computer experience at home. She patiently taught us how to use computers in the initial days, then gradually moved to the study topics like Ms paint, how to save files and folders, Windows element etc.

She prepared us well ahead of the exams by practising on the computers, which made us learn the concepts on the fly without putting more effort into theory.

She always instils confidence in us that we will one day become so familiar with the computers as these are going to be used in the long run for many business or job operations. Because of her teachings and knowledge transfer, I did not face any issues while studying for computer exams. Instead, I always used to get A grades and never failed.

Because I admired her for her excellent teaching skills, I developed an interest in computers in further studies and graduated as an IT engineer. Most of my work is related to computer apps, and I feel privileged to learn under my computer teacher because of her I could
reach greater heights in this domain.

Sample 2 Describe a Person Who Impressed You the Most When You Were in Primary School

The person who impressed me the most when I was in elementary school was my class four teacher. He was too kind and generous to me, and despite his nifty teaching skills, he also advised the class.

I got to know him when I was in class 3, and that was the time he joined the school; I began to like him when he was told by the school head to speak before the students in a general assembly. My dream was to sit in his class one day after hearing his speech.

He impressed me because when I got to class four, where he taught, I was a brilliant student, yet my mathematics marks in exams were low. When he realized that, he began to draw me closer to himself day by day, and he later began to teach me during break hours how to overcome that hurdle. Fortunately, my score in mathematics improved in the following terminal exams.

I feel he has contributed immensely to whomever I am today because, without good results in mathematics, I wouldn’t have furthered my education to reach this far. He has been my helper, so I always remember him in my prayers.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Person Who Impressed You the Most When You Were in Primary School

Question 1:- Why do people always miss their childhood?

Answer 1:- People usually miss their childhood because, during that time, they had no problems, no responsibilities, and could roam freely even though their parents sometimes restricted them. They tend to request anything without hesitation and fear from their parents. They eat what they want.

Answer 2:- Childhood is an important phase of each individual, and so many fond memories are created and many celebrations and events of which we are part. Our childhood days are filled with playing games with friends, making best friends, fighting for small things, and being easily used to forgive and forget. We used to have pure heart feelings for the people we got attached to, which also showed in our actions for them. When we grow old, we try to go inside our shells and not be as expressive as we used to be. So some of these feelings or actions take us back to our childhood days when we did not care much, and it was not complicated as it has become in our adulthood. The sweet memories of celebrating each festival with friends and refraining from going home early convinced our parents to let us play for more time.

Question 2:- Are kids happier than adults? Why?

Answer 1:- Well, I would say yes, because children play a lot and are always happy. Though other factors such as hunger and injury generally make minors sad or cry, they enjoy playing and feel elated almost all the time more than adults. Adults can be happy at certain times but are limited because they’ve a lot to think about, so you will hardly see an adult playing as a child would.

Answer 2:- Yes, I believe kids are innocent, and they do not carry extra baggage with them. They hardly know what goes around in their surroundings and what other people think about them. Their life is very straightforward when they make friends, and even if there is some shift in the friendship dynamic due to some trivial issues, there is no easy breakage of friendship found at that age. Instead, children do not even know what ego is, and they never become friends again. They also do not have any responsibilities over their shoulders which can bring concerns to them, so their life is without any conditions, and they enjoy their phase every bit. However, happiness takes a dip in adolescence as accountability increases, and then career tension and settlement worries overshadow the young people’s joy and happiness.

Question 3:- Why do people still remember many of their friends from primary school?

Answer 1:- Many people still remember their childhood friends even today because they might have been getting on well with each other in the past, and perhaps they hadn’t had such intimacy from anyone since they lost touch with their childhood friends. Hence, it makes them remember what they shared with those friends when they were young.

Answer 2:- Most of the good memories are created in school as we spend half of the day there and end up making many friends. We study, play with them in break time, share our lunchboxes, participate in annual events, and attend birthday parties. Just like that, we all grow up knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, characteristics and traits etc. some friends decide to stay in touch after primary school too by joining the same universities and some part their ways due to different career prospects. Most importantly, school friends are someone who would never judge you for being you, and they know how to pull your legs and create joyous moments when we meet after a long period.

Question 4:- What kinds of primary school teachers impress students?

Answer 1:- would say that primary school teachers that impress students are natural, kind and generous. Those that don’t scare students but draw them closer to themselves and help identify learners’ challenges and find answers to them. When students meet such personalities in school, it positively influences their lives.

Answer 2:- As I mentioned earlier, I would like a primary school teacher who is empathetic toward each child in the class and patient as the five fingers are not the same so are the children studying in the same class. It takes a lot of effort by the teachers to manage students and inculcate teaching in an organised form. This trait would also be loved by the students studying in the school, and they would also look up to the teachers they admire for their strong teaching values and unbiasedness.

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