Describe a Phone Call You Made that You Think Is Important: Speaking Cue Card

Describe a phone call you made that you think is important.

  • What was the phone call about?
  • To whom you called?
  • What was the effect?
  • explain the importance of the call.

Sample Answer of Describe a Phone Call You Made that You Think Is Important

A month ago, I had a severe tiff with the client I am working with, it did not go well, and I was released from the project effectively. I wondered if I was done working with domestic clients and their environment. I have been working for seven years now and always felt toxicity and frequent burn-outs.

I suddenly thought of making a phone call to my first cousin, who has been living in Toronto, Canada, for the past five years. He is working in the same domain as me, and we share almost the same work experience. The difference is that he moved to Canada through a permanent residency program and now works as a data analyst with a reputed multinational company. I wanted to share my experience and wanted some word of advice from him regarding my career prospects.

When I called him, he was surprised as we were not in touch and hardly communicated during any festivals or events. I explained him my situation and informed that I had made up my mind and that I, too, wanted to explore overseas opportunities by applying for permanent residency in Canada. He was taken aback by my decision as he always had this notion that I would never move to any other country for settlement.

I assured him I was firm on it, that I have already started preparing for the IELTS exam post and that I would apply for the express entry profile, which provides a pathway to permanent residence and is based upon specific job criteria like skilled worker profile etc. Though he was surprised, he motivated me, advised me on how to approach this procedure, and asked me to connect with him often to review my progress. I was glad that he was being supportive of my decision and also helpful at the same time.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Phone Call You Made that You Think Is Important

Question 1. How often do you use your phone?

Answer – I am an avid user of mobile phones, and if you see my phone, you will find different apps installed like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter for social activities, and also there are some benefits of the other apps installed for work profiles like Microsoft applications such as Outlook for checking emails and Skype and Teams for meetings which can be taken through a phone too. I have various video and photo editor apps too in my phone. There are other useful apps like railways indicator for the train schedule, UTS app for online ticket booking, and food apps such as Zomato and Swiggy for online delivery, to name a few. Because of such advanced apps that can be used on the fly and make it faster, I am heavily reliant on my cell phones. Nowadays, due to IELTS preparation, I am distant from my phone, and my usage has reduced significantly.

Question 2. Do you call someone at night?

Answer – Yes, I usually call at night, or if I have received any calls in the daytime when I am busy with office work, I ensure to call back at night after completing my daily routine. Nevertheless, I text first and ask if it is feasible to have a call. Then only I proceed, or else I will not disturb you at late hours. Also, many of my friends are based out of abroad countries, so communicating with them becomes easy at night as it is their day.

Question 3. Is it true that the young generation is more included in using phones?

Answer – No, all generations of people, be they young, adults, or older people, everybody is heavily engaged with mobile phones and their apps. I was visiting my relative on the local train and observed that most passengers were on their cell phones. They hardly looked up to see who was sitting beside them. Half of the people are on calls or text messaging, which keeps them engrossed. I have seen even adults or older people carrying smartphones and using WhatsApp to communicate with others or share photos. So it is incorrect to only say that the young generation is more included in using phones; I see all the age brackets tending to use phones at a high rate after the advanced phones were introduced in the market for reasonable rates.

Question 4. What is the main difference between young and older people in terms of the way they use mobile?

Answer – As I mentioned before, young people and older people have similar functionalities in how they use phones for communication and for sharing photos; the peculiar difference between the young and the old would be the different Apps they use and the time limit. Older people are better at time management and would not waste their ample time using mobile phones, just like the young generation. There are so many Apps that make young people so intrigued, and they tend to spend an unnecessary amount of time on them, and then they do not do well in their studies or have a reckless attitude at the job.

Question 5. Did you call anyone today morning before the exam?

Answer – I called up my friend this morning before the exam because I was very nervous and panicking so much. I needed someone to distract me by talking to me till I became normal. The phone calls went on until I reached the examination centre. Hence, it proved very beneficial to have a phone call with someone who would give you motivational talks, which makes it easy to face the challenge.

Question 6. Which one is more important, using a cellphone to make phone calls or to read messages?

Answer – I am always in favour of phone calls and then reading messages, the reason being that phone calls are considered to have immediate responses, but when a message arrives on your phone, it remains unanswered until you respond to it in some way. The other reason I support phone calls is that it is very straightforward, and often text messages lead to misinterpretations causing trouble. It is also hard to understand the person’s state of mind who is communicating through the chat. Also, text messages are very time-consuming, and there is no serious dead end to the conversation.

Question 7. Do you think there should be a law to stop people from making phone calls in public?

Answer – There is already a law set up to stop people from making phone calls in the car as it becomes dangerous and prone to accidents. However, I do not feel there is a necessity like this to impose a ban on speaking on the phone in public. Let’s assume there is huge fun and fair having hundreds of people. In that situation, if a child gets lost there and the parents are worried about the child, wouldn’t it be easier if a phone call from someone could relieve the anxious parents and help them find their child easily through it? Likewise, mobile phones have become a necessary asset to carry wherever you go as it keeps your close ones well informed about you.

Question 8. How has technology made our life easier?

Answer – I would say that the invention of the Internet has made our lives by far the easiest. A computer is the greatest creation of mankind. However, the Internet gives life to computers. The Internet made our access to information easier. Search engines such as Google features relevant information by enabling the search of information in a few minutes. With the use of email, our messages can be delivered to any person in any part of the world in a few minutes. Internet facilities such as skype, facetime, etc., are used by these people not just to communicate with their family members and friends but also to make interviews and registration tasks seamless.

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