Describe a Piece of International News You Have Just Recently Heard

Describe a piece of international news you have just recently heard.
You should say

  • What the news is about?
  • Where and when you heard it?
  • What you were doing when you heard the news?
  • Explain how you felt about this piece of international news?

I would like to talk about Corona Virus news which I stumbled on three days ago while I was reading a national newspaper. I have heard about the outbreak of this deadly virus in China but not as elaborate as I read in the paper. 

Just like I usually do in my leisure time, reading news in our company’s library is one of my daily routines. It was my break-time on that fateful day when I came across the news that 1,560 people just died of the Covid-19 a day before that day in Italy. This alone rendered me weak for the rest of the day. I couldn’t even concentrate on my work again. I was forced to go on the internet to search for more information about the international epidemic where I got to know that most countries of the world had been on lockdown just to prevent the virus from spreading. Not only that, but I also studied that the European economy is in recession as a result of the lockdown.

Since that day, I turned myself into an ambassador of face mask usage and hand washing so as to prevent the spreading of this disease.

Part 3 Follow-Ups for Describe a Piece of International News You Have Just Recently Heard.

Question:-What is your newspaper reading style?

Answer:- I am a full-time worker in an international organization but there is always a two-hour break time for me to relax. This duration has often been scheduled for eating and reading the newspaper. All I do is get some drinks and snacks with me on the couch while I take daily newspapers and glance through. To cover every important news, I usually skim through the irrelevant ones, This is my style of reading newspapers so as to be current with the state of things in the country.

Question:-Do you think reading international news is important?

Answer:- Reading global news is very necessary because of many things happening around the world without our knowledge but with the help of reading international news, one can get familiar. In addition to that, there are many international opportunities which we can get through the reading of global news such as employment, relocation to a better country, etc.

Question:-News that you have described do you think will impact the world? If yes then how?

Answer:- Yes, definitely it will impact the world because getting to know how deadly the corona virus could be would make one know how to keep the necessary measure in preventing it the spread. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

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