Describe a Piece of News Affected the Most ( Corona Virus )

Describe a piece of news affected the most ( Corona Virus )
You should say:

  • what it was about
  • when you heard/ read about it
  • what the story was
  • and explain why it was affected you.

Sample Answer Describe a Piece of News Affected the Most ( Corona Virus )

There is a number of news that influence individuals a lot and force them to do things in either way. I personally got flabbergasted nine months ago as our prime minister announced a nation-wide lockdown in my country. The circumstance was not in favor of any nations because the global epidemic Corona Virus had attacked mostly all the countries.

So higher authorities had to take such harsh steps to prevent the spreading of the virus in the country. I still remember I was taking my dinner along with my family members and our prime minister had announced this news through the help of mass media. The pandemic coronavirus is very dangerous and not easily disposable. I was also one of the victims of this news, not the virus as my boss had decided to cut the salaries of the workers and some of us laid off due to lack of fresh business.

However, laborers from any part of the sates in disarrayed as they all were finding a way to reach their home in the middle of this pandemic. It was a very horrible experience along with the worst ever news by any higher authority at the national level.


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