Describe a Place Full of Colours

Describe a place full of colours

Where is it

  • How do you know about it
  • When you went there
  • What you did there
  • Explain why you think it is colourful

Sample Answer of Describe a Place Full of Colours

Well, I visit many places that seem to be very colourful for me among all there is only one place that in real sense was a place full of colour for me. It is none other than Rose Garden in Chandigarh. I clearly remember I was in 6th standard, and at that time, the school organised a trip to the monuments of Chandigarh, which included the Rose Garden rock garden and many other places.

I clearly remember we reached Rose Garden by 9:00 AM in the morning. As I stepped into the Rose garden, I was literally stunned at the first moment since there was an abundance of pause Spears like a black rose, red rose, pink rose or purple rose, and so on; frankly speaking at that time, I never imagined rose roses have this these much specious. Black rose is my favourite one among them. The most important part was that every different species has many flowers, and every colour has different compartments. While watching these compartments, we were watching at dooms of colour during the holy season. Apart from this, the walls and the footpath of the Rose garden was also painted with beautiful flaws even from a far distance.

It was really UN noticeable that these were paintings everyone thought that is the part that was a part of Rose Garden when we took a closer look then we recognised that it was it all were paintings. Hence, in this way, wherever I had a look, I found every place filled with colours, and I remember we stayed over there for three hours. We also played some games In Group and had breakfast over there, so in my real sense, I can say this is a wonderful and colourful place that everyone must visit once in their life.

Follow-ups Describe a Place Full of Colours.

Question 1. Is colour important for clothing?

Answer – yes, colour is significant for clothing because a cloth will look more attractive when it has a good combination of colours. Without colours, I don’t believe anyone would like to wear clothes apart from this colour also attract peoples mood.

Question 2. What colours are the most famous in your state?

Answer – I believe every colour is prevalent in my state even on a daily basis I can see each and every colour people wear however people like to wear different colours according to different seasons such as in winter season they like to wear dark coloured clothes on the contrary in summer season people tend to wear light colour clothes.

Question 3. Would these colours become popular in the future?

Answer – No one can guess what the future holds in its lap so I can say As for my observation that in future people would have more colour combinations like nowadays there are different shades and in future, I believe there would be uncountable shades of every colour and people would definitely forget single colour despite the remember it with different shapes shades

Question 4. What was the most popular colour this past year?

Answer – I think previously a few colours were trendy like black, white and maroon. I can see this because I noticed it when I was very young, and I lived in my maternal village. Most of the villagers over there were special colours, but now everything is changed, and people have multiple choices in case of colours.

Question 5. What colours are largely found in buildings in India?

Answer – In Indian buildings, we can have every sort of colour nowadays traditionally people used to paint their walls with single colour but nowadays this trend has changed, and people like to be there walls with different colour combinations, and as much I observe that every colour is equally popular in India and we can see many of them in Indian buildings

Question 6. What colour is suitable for offices?

Answer – For the office, I think light colours would suit more such as white and light blue Because these colours do not have any dates and even on either side it suits the mode of people also the workers working over there secondly I believe in these colours the light of room would glow more, and as per my observation most of the office has these colours only

Question 7. How otherwise do women and men have a look at the same colour?

Answer – nowadays gender bias is completely diminished not only in other sectors, but in colours also I think nowadays people have similar outlooks for different colours there could be differences in their preferences not in outlooks traditionally mil don’t wear maroon colours, but nowadays it is stranding among them so I can see male and female buys is not available anymore in this field

Question 8. Do colours really make a difference in the ads?

Answer – Yes I believe colours are an essential part of different ads like in basically in food ads the advertisers sure more vibrant colours like yellow red and green that attracts people more they and it also make people hungry for the food apart from this in other ads people use the contrast of colours and more vibrant colours are used to attract people more towards their ad and in order to grab their attention.

Question 9. What colours are acceptable for formal occasions?

Answer – For very formal occasions, basically black and white colours are most acceptable. Most of the time, I noticed during formal occasions the staff and faculty members usually wear such clothes apart from this in some professions despite black and white other colours are also popular. Still, there is one condition they need to be in light colour, not the vibrant one.

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