Describe a Place Where Someone Hurts You

Describe a Place Where Someone Hurts You

Well, there are different places for arranging meetings either official or personal. Usually, people arrange a place which is full of scenic beauty and is perfect for a talk to make it memorable. So I also arranged a meeting with my bosom friend, who had been to London to spend his vacations.

I was over the moon to hear his arrival in India after a long time. Actually, it was a decade that we had been meeting with each other. So I arranged a hotel that was easy to bear the expenses of food. It was spic and span and I was as happy as larry on hearing the news of his arrival. So I got ready and when I met, I was taken aback to see him totally changed.

When we entered the hotel and food was served to us after 5 mins delay and he started to scold the waiters and he also disheartened me by saying that I had better staying in a luxurious hotel. What’s more, he made fun of me for booking a cheap hotel in spite of knowing that I earn hand to mouth. I felt small in front of masses and he made fun of me and broke my heart by using ill words. so that was the time when I was disheartened.

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