Describe a Place You Enjoy Staying in

Describe a place you enjoy staying in

  • Where it is,
  • how often you go there,
  • What it is famous for,
  • Why do you like staying there

Sample Answer of Describe a Place You Enjoy Staying in

There have been so many places in my life which I visited. At some of the places I’ve also stayed because of my father, as he was in Army, so he used to get transferred after every three to four years so throughout our life we have traveled a lot and stayed mostly in the cities with its hustle-bustle and busy life, polluted environment, crowded places.

So for, I would like to stay and visit the countryside because it gives you a kind of tranquil environment where you feel close to nature as I am a nature lover, you will experience more greenery as compared to urban areas. You can have your own farm outside of your house due to which you will feel like you are staying in between the nature and for a person like me, it will make an elated feeling if I get live my life in this kind of environment.

It is also because most of my life has been spent staying in cities and towns so if I get a chance to stay or visit very often, I would love to stay in the countryside by having fresh food every day and rearing pet animals on my farm where I will always be in that healthy zone, no tension, worries of anything.

Follow-ups Describe a Place You Enjoy Staying in

Question 1. What type of apartment do most people in your country like to live in?

Ans. In India, people in urban places prefer to live in a flat, for example, a one-bedroom flat or two-bedroom flat, it totally depends on their requirement. It is because with the flat, they get a society also where they can make friends along with this they get to have parks also where they could take their children, and they can have some social gathering also. But in rural areas, people build their own houses because of enough space and sometimes less population.

Question 2. Do people in your country like to invite others as guests?

Ans. India people are mad and crazy to go and visit others place and also with call other people to come and visit their place as a guest. There are several reasons but out of many evident reasons I could list two important ones are; first of all, they have a get-together meeting and the second thing is due to this stressed life, people don’t get enough time, so when they meet each other they create a positive, fun environment and this gives relief from a busy schedule.

Question 3. Do people take gifts when they visit each other?

Ans. It totally depends on the occasion, if there is a festive function then people generally get some gifts for their friends or whom they are meeting but if the meeting is a kind of casual or just to meet a friend, then there is no gift required. Then the sole purpose of this meeting is only to lift their mood out of their busy lives and make them happy.

Question 4. What is the difference between the houses in the city center and the suburbs?

Ans. The most noticeable difference anyone can see in these two places is their lifestyle that is, in city centers people stay in a flat kind of system which is enclosed in a society where they have dedicated parks, theatres whereas if you go to the suburbs as they have enough amount of space available, they built their houses by keeping a good distance in between and then they have their own small market for getting things. So it’s all about the lifestyle they have, a low cost of living in the suburbs where is in the City Centre it has a hugely expensive lifestyle.

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